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Full Version: And now we pissed off Mexico too....
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Mexico lashes out against report of U.S. spying.

Thank G-d Mexico is a tiny remote country.... S6
the frogs whine too....

Quote:Le Monde says the National Security Agency (NSA) spied on 70.3 million phone calls in France in just 30 days between 10 December last year and 8 January 2013.

This translates to just a bit more than one telephone conversation per a frog... not much.... I'm sure we can one day record every frog telephone conversation. Then we can dump a few trillion dollars into automatic analysis to identify drone-deserving and blackmail-vulnerable frogs.... so much fun!
Add the Turkeys to the list, albeit for a different reason:

ErDOGan will take this personally, I guess.
(10-22-2013, 09:54 AM)mv Wrote: [ -> ]Add the Turkeys to the list, albeit for a different reason:

ErDOGan will take this personally, I guess.

Is this really true? Obviously this decision was taken without the Boy's approval, right?
It does say "US Congress"... I assume the boy may override it.
(10-22-2013, 11:45 AM)mv Wrote: [ -> ]It does say "US Congress"... I assume the boy may override it.

Sounds possible for something he would do. I wouldn't be surprised at all.
Forget Merkel - that is just spying. If we do it better than them, good for us.

What I think about Mexico, is that they are improving economically as a nation faster than most other places on the planet. Maybe it comes from interaction with us, but as it improves, it may grow up into nation-state adulthood.
Just spying?

All the countries that were spied upon may have a different feeling about this.... even if the US is an ally, spying is not exactly legal (remember Pollard?) so we broke a load of laws and pissed off the populace.

OTOH, this fit neatly into the Fubarak's anti-Midas program.
Everybody spies on everybody else, even allies on allies. Its a fact. So, most of this public outrage is really a bunch of bloviation. Its just that O'Boya got caught on his watch. This is most likely much to do about little in the long run.

In the meanwhile the Dear Leader has feces all over his face, on top of all the other feces already there. It really doesn't substitute for makeup, no matter what the Whores may say about it. S13 S18

But let me still add that not getting caught has something to do with competence.... so we see yet another area where it is lacking...
Amen - but don't get too excited over incompetency. Obama wants to transform America by pulling it down so that the public will demand government to save it. What would outrage you or me is just "getting it done" in Obama's mind. The more negative press that occurs is just opportunity in his eyes. Why keep incompetency secret, if he wants the end-result to be action to fix what he caused in the first place?

The one place where Obama is careful about getting caught is in not getting his fingerprints all over the murder weapon. It's always someone else's fault - yet, he'll claim responsibility for cleaning it up. He said that today, responding to Sebelius' testimony at the healthcare hearing: Everyone had a part to play, he says, but he will be the fixer.
I doubt we can ever figure out the inner workings of this specimen, but it is unimportant, only to satisfy our curiosity. What is important is that he is fulfilling G-d's mission effectively.