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Full Version: The Left Defeated in Norway
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This is an important event because Norway is the most socialistic country of Europe.
Guys who work there told me that prices are horrifyingly high. Everything costs 2x or 3x more than elswhere.

Only oil-rich countries can afford a socialist regime.
This is not Venezuela but the former governement isolated themselves from the EU.

They also talk about privatizing further the state-oil company Statoil and boost crude production.

It's good news for me because I own Statoil shares (STO).

According to the link above, Yahoo seems to believe that Euro-Socialism is 'center left'. They must know something I don't. Somehow I thought Collectivism, regardless the flavour, was still Left Wing. Imagine that one.

Norway produces a lot of oil though don't they?
I read somewhere, about a year ago, that the Off Shore oil production rate had fallen quite a bit over the years.

Norway’s oil production hits low, good for some offshore drillers

The loss of revenues, and the resulting shortfall of free social engineering resources just might be one of the reasons for the Labour/Socialists loss this election cycle.
I wasn't aware of this. May be the reason.