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Full Version: New Aussie Government
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Abbott in, Rudd out, final score not yet known, and the country is reverting to sanity.

Two quotes from Abbott:

Quote:"I can inform you the Government of Australia has changed." he says, three times. "The Coalition has won 13 seats clearly with 10 still in play and I can inform you the Labor Party's result is at its lowest in 100 years."

Quote:The (Climate Change) argument is absolute crap. However, the politics of this are tough for us. Eighty percent of people believe climate change is a real and present danger.
Thank G-d the Liberals are again in charge! Its about Buggerin' time already! S25S22

Quote:He's a pretty controversial guy.

Among the contenders for his most extreme viewpoint is his belief that the science around climate change is "absolute crap."

Read more:

My kinda guy. S5 Now, if only he can lead effectively.
[Image: australia_open_for_business.jpg?w=300&h=251]
You gotta love the Liberals down under. They really know how to cut down the size of government when they say they will do such. Why can't we come up with some politicians, who are not afraid to make the hard choices?
The Aussie Liberals also know how to keep illegals out of the country as well; Australia sends in its navy to push asylum-seeker boats back to Indonesia.
Goddamn, this is the best series of developments I have seen on the world stage in long time. Go, Australia, go!

(I guess their experience with a female PM and all sorts of lefty feel good shit taught them hard lessons)