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Full Version: Germany invents 3rd gender.
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Good news for new parents in Germany: You can paint the new baby's room pink, blue or a totally neutral beige. As of Nov. 1, Germany becomes the first European country to let parents assign their baby a "third gender" on its birth certificate if the infant's sex cannot be clearly identified.

(This is not the same as transsexual deviancy.. there is a real issue too, albeit quite rare. What the Germans did is logical, but not necessarily right.... it would be interesting to see how many parents opt to call their offspring "IT".)
There's already a third gender classification, in case anyone ever bothers to look it up. It's called 'Neuter'. You know, 'Masculine, feminine, neuter'.

In fact, every time some genius, or bureaucrat, wants me to fill out an appropriate form, and then asks for my sex, by having a box entitled 'Gender', I always write in 'neuter' just to confuse the intellectual morons.

Just one more case of Stupidity painted up, so as to look like Brilliance. S13
OK... I'll make sure to refer to you as "It" then. S13
Or is that Cousin ITT?
C'mon, just leave the choices as:



None of the above

and be done with it.