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Full Version: Careless/Drunk/Stupid Russian/Asian Drivers
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Russian Car Crash Compilation

Russia drivers compete to show who is the worst.

All Hell Breaks Lose At A Car Accident Scene In....................Russia

Two dumb drivers at intersection

Not being drunk gives you some luck in Russia....

The nice thing is that so many Russians now attach video cameras to their windshields, allowing for Youtube videos.

But by far the best entertainment is that of the Asian/Indian videos that show Russian drivers to be far more civilized. The bad thing is that the Youtube videos keep getting hauled down for some reason or another. I'd love to start collecting some of them.

[CCTV] Woman on Scooter Slams Face-first into an Oncoming Bus

Indian scooter drivers vs.Car - Crash

Morbidly hilarious. Lotsa drunks and idiots.
Those Asians really do take the cake for vehicular stupidity. I remember noticing how Korean drivers were completely different from Westerners, back when I was stationed in Korea, decades ago. It was as though all their manners were restrained until they got behind the wheel. Suddenly the Dr. Jekyll would become a Mr. Hyde and they would be off to the races.

Asians are definitely crazy behind a steering wheel.
Say what you will, at least they are interesting unlike most Americans.
Those poor things are so cute and cuddly, aren't they? Makes you just want to reach out and stroke it. S6

I'm talking about the girl, of course. S13
Why did the polar bear leave so promptly? Even Leisure Suit Larry would have hung around longer.

Or, was this a trailer for a new show?
Quote:Why did the polar bear leave so promptly?

Brain damage due to Global Warming, what else?

Fatal carelessness when crossing the road in front of truck:  R.I.P

Must See: Scooter man ends up in big hole after hitting multiple vehicles

(05-21-2013, 06:39 PM)WarBicycle Wrote: [ -> ]

The Peter Principle by motorscooter. The obviously drunk/high driver finally reaches his level of incompetence. S13 S6

I read that Russians have taken to using car cams because the system over there has become so corrupt, w/o this evidence, whoever buys off the authorities wins otherwise.
(05-11-2013, 12:01 PM)mv Wrote: [ -> ]If anyone has a theory on why they have so many cameras around, let's hear it.

Not cars, but cute... I think we need more polar bears...

Their legal system sucks; it's the only way to prove who is in the wrong.
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