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Full Version: England's shifting Political Party Demographics
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What is the fastest growing party in England? If you say "The Independence Party, YouWin!

And they are the fastest growing for a reason, which is also going to be an unstoppable force over the next decade or more throughout Euroland. Independence parties are going to be cropping up all over the continent. The EU is doomed, right from the start, and Nigel Farage is one of the leaders who is going to help destroy it.

You've just got to love this guy, if you love sovereignty. He is utterly fearless in the face of adverse conditions. And he's probably the best public speaker in Britain. Like something straight out of a Shakespearean play.
Farage is a self-professed Libertarian, and made the following remarks in a speech back in 2006. He said,

Quote:"We've got three social democratic parties in Britain — Labour, LiberalLib Dem and Conservative are virtually indistinguishable from each other on nearly all the main issues" and "you can't put a cigarette paper between them and that is why there are nine million people who don't vote now in general elections that did back in 1992."

My gosh, I didn't know it, but I sound like him, when it comes to describing our political party system. And I'll bet he is right on the money too.

He probably is accurate. You're likely right there. Where I think you're wrong is arriving at the conclusion that this process is not driven by popular opinion.

Go back to 1936 here. FDR has his SS program, GOP resists it. Properly so.

Next election, GOP has agreed to "better manage SS than FDR". Because the public loved the idea. Not because the GOP caves in all the time to bad ideas.

That's what elective politics does.