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Full Version: Reversed honor killings on the rise
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It's one way to change the culture I would imagine if as many females began that conduct. Heretofore in all the non western cultures I am aware of, patriarchy rules.

I'd prefer to see more good logic, such as forgiveness and love, but, if I lived there , this stuff would make me think twice before abusing the women.

It's really terrible when anyone sees this as the best option. Anywhere.
IMO if one gender behave in one way the other follows suit. These women probably saw a brother, a cousin or a neighbor killing his whife or daughter for a similar reason and they thought it's normal to do so. Wrote:Either way, there are no reports that the wife planned to eat the husband’s body parts.
How do they know????

IMO investigators are drawing conclusions a little bit too quickely!
Fred, if they did eat parts of their late husbands, it most certainly had ritualistic significance. Who would want to eat some tough old bastard you hated with a blue passion? Your main concern would be to kill the SOB and then get rid of the evidence.
Cooking away your spouse is the new trend.
(Most popular after buying iPad 5)

I can't think of a worse way to dispose of a corpse of a victim of murder. No wonder they get caught.
I doubt that it has much to do with honor ... it's nothing new and it's 'multicultural' ... at some point women decide they've had enough abuse, degradation, humiliation ... etc... of themselves ... of their children ... Husbands generally have to sleep at some point, so the outcome is pretty much inevitable. Yet society seems so shocked when a wife cuts her husbands wanker off or sets his bed on fire. Cannibalism is just another twist ... albeit it's one that has distracted the press from doing their 'real' job which is to analyze and denounce any little bit of dirt that they can pin on Mitt Romney. It's absolutely amazing isn't it that they'd actually find something more 'shiny' to attract their attention in a routine wife bites man story isn't it?
Yak, If rape reparation is the mobile of the crime, then it's about honor. (eg, not about money or other things)