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Full Version: India's First Foreign Base
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I see this as a positive myself.

That is interesting.
Indians deterring Chinese expansion instead of Americans. Effectively an ally.
Palladin Wrote:Indians deterring Chinese expansion instead of Americans. Effectively an ally.

Yeah, they really can't stand the Chinese. Ever since the Chinks took all that mountain territory from them in the mid 1950s, they have not been all that positive with the PRC, even though they made a supposed agreement last year.
India seems to me a natural ally. They are going to be needing increased natural resources,China does as well.

They both have large populations,they both have problematic internal problems. India is democratic.

I think we'll be talking a lot about them in the next decade.
I fully expect their economy and GDP to surpass that of the PRC in the future. The PRC is just too centralized, and not changing as the Indians are doing. Plus, the Indians seem to grasp free Enterprise better.

If I had to place my bet on which will economically reach the upper bracket, I will go with India. I still say that China is ready for a Major Turndown in the immediate future. It's only a matter of time. The Asian Familial Alliance system is the culprit, and China is the next one to feel the effect.