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Full Version: Partition Jerusalem?
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Bet this is controversial over there.
Never happen. Too much blood has been spilled over it, and in recent memory.
You just never know though. I don't see how the Jews can reverse the demographics the Arabs have. I would prefer some understanding before it happens by force.
Isn't it true that any newly reclaimed land, made arable by Israel, would returun to a barren wasteland if they pulled out?

Surely seems like a lesson waiting to be taught.
Israel is a wasteland compared to the Emirates or Qatar, SA and Bahrain. While Israel makes some land arable, the Arabs create land. A lesson taught, indeed.

[Image: dubai-man-made-islands.jpg]
He's talking about the greenhouses that were destroyed by the Palestinian cockroaches when they took back over the land that Israel had held for them.
Israel kept them alive by horrendous government subsidies, they are not viable in a free market. The Palestinans reject Keynesian economics.
The Palestinians reject anything that isn't from the 7th Century.
The founders of Keynesian economics rejected it.

That doesn't seem to be a logical or fair statement. The West Bank Arabs happen to have been in an economic expansion now for years, we've discussed it before here.

Considering how the Israelis have entirely disrupted commerce and traffic in the WB with Jewish settlements, that's remarkable. I doubt you would have improved on this.
Interesting that the Jewish Settlements are always denigrated - yet are usually just an expansion on existing ones out in the wilderness, not impinging on anyone. The latest ones that made Obama chide Netenyahu were like that: totally harmless, yet the center of a propaganda war.


Yea, you'd not have a problem if Saudi Arabia had settlements all over Michigan. I love your even handed thinking.
They pretty much do and people lose their shit over it. They opened up a mosque a block from my mom's house and my mother, a renowned socialist and about as leftist as they get, joined a petition to remove their funding. I've read countless articles about loudspeakers blaring their calls to prayers and people in places like Dearborn want them shut down. I see no difference between that and a Catholic church ringing their bells on Sundays, but it's okay because Catholics are white and civilized while Muslims are savages.
Those are citizens, let's have Saudi citizens come into Michigan against the will of Michigan citizens, put 3-4 military bases there and take up roughly 40% of Michigan backed up by Saudi Arabia's Army and William suddenly thinks less of the idea.

Oh, let's also not forget to allow the Saudi Army to patrol all of Michigan's borders. That's an analogy.

It's occupation and every Jew living there knows it and was paid to move there by their state. That is not Israel, it never will be Israel. It would be like us doing that in Canada and then being surprised when Canucks got upset.
(05-24-2012, 09:26 PM)WmLambert Wrote: [ -> ]Interesting that the Jewish Settlements are always denigrated - yet are usually just an expansion on existing ones out in the wilderness, not impinging on anyone.

It's Palestinian land they seize. What would a farmer in the US say if someone build a settlement on his land just because he lets a field rest, and for good measure, he's expelled from his own grounds? What the Jews are doing is very much the same like the collectivization in the Soviet Union, stealing someone else's property, who happens to be defenceless.

We'd scream bloody murder and kill them, that's what. Just like Palestinian Arabs do and just like the Jews do to Arabs who arrive in Israel w/o an invite.
Stealing a wasteland where no one is living? Especially when it is in territory with existing settlements naturally expanding because they are successful? The specific area under discussion when Obama talked about the 1967 borders are exactly what I describe. No "Palestinian" roots or possession. The historic "Palestinian" land is in the neighboring Arab countries who will not let them back in.
Jerusalem belongs to the Jews. Period.
Jeez, Christians have no guts anymore, that's why Darwinian selection is removing them from the face of the earth. Jerusalem belongs to Christianity, no matter how much Jews and Muslims defiled this most holy site.
No Quadrat--NEW Jerusalem (currently in Heaven) belongs to Christians. Actually it belongs to the faithful of all ages.
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