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Full Version: Mali Islamists in Timbuktu
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Islamism in Mali is relatively recent.
Mali was until a couple of years ago a fast developing country (by African standards), a place with nice poeple without problems.
My sister and a few friends of me and her went there, on hollydays with their kids, by car or by plane. By all accounts it was cool, almost a fashion among certain poeple.

Today the situation has changed. Touaregs armed with Ghaddafy's weapons challenged the governement and Islamic militias followed them.

Eventualy the islamists will clash with the population.
Radical Islamism is alien to the Malian culture. The Tuaregs are locals, not basicaly islamists and they are at home. The Islamists who came are foreigner, wear different clothes and try to eliminate local culture in the name of Islamic purity:

Tiemoko Diallo and Adama Diarra | Reuters Wrote:Malian fighters from the Ansar Dine Islamist group attacked and burned the tomb of one of the town's saints, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, residents and a regional official said on Saturday.

The militants broke off doors, windows and wooden gates from the grave and burned them, they said, in the first reported attack on a shrine in Mali.

El Hadj Baba Haidara, an elected member of parliament from Timbuktu told Reuters some young people were discussing how to react despite being unarmed.

"There is a risk the people may revolt because this is something that affects their dignity. This tomb is sacred, it is too difficult to bear," Haidara said.
Fred, this is what happens when the citizenry are not armed. If they had been, they would not have put up with all this bullying, because they would have the 'equalizer'*.

*Have no fear of any man no matter what his size,in time of need just call on me and I will equalize. Samuel Colt.

" G-d made man, but Samuel Colt made them equal"

Truer words were never stated. No wonder the Left wants to take away our right to bear arms, because they can only push us just so far.
Note Gaddafi's weaponry allowed this. I see no benefit under the sun to the USA destroying Gaddafi's rule to date. I do see negatives and those manpads are highly desired by any terrorist. We haven't seen them filter into international takedowns yet.
Definitely another case of forgetting the Law of Unintended Consequences.
We always see the negatives afterward, but we also saw the negative of doing nothing against Ghaddafy beforeward.
The error was not to destroy Ghaddafy's arsenals. But was it possible?

The Islamists who sided with less radical Tuaregs to split Mali, have not only weapon overcapacity, they also have massive funding through hostage arson business.
Out of Lybia it was a small army of professional mercenaries reconverted into banditism with the color of Islamism.
The Tuaregs took the oportunity to make an alliance with them to help carve their own state. But it's not clear how long this alliance will last or if they will rule the same territory together. Probably not.

It's the continuation of the arab spring. Not the effect we wished, but the Islamic groups existed already long before that.

However we shouldn't overestimate the power of these Islamists. Their power depends mainly on various illegal trade, arson of foreign hostages and some small private funding from Gulf States. But their power is also relative to the lack of power of the legal governements supposed to rule the region with very low military budgets. Outside their localities, they are insignificant.

What are the positives?
We got rid of Ghaddafy and Saddam. If you still don't see the positive of this fact (taken isolately) please take a seat in a time machine.

Now the final result of complex calaculation of all the pluses and minuses is up to debate, and a large majority feels it's negative.
It doesn't mean that taking isolately some facts are positive.
Maybe in the long term we will overrun the negatives.

It's only a question of time to either build a big fence and ignore what happens there, or replenish our arsenals.

It's worrying that al qaida is controling this region to the point they can do as they please with mosoleums.

There is nothing we can do about it because the territory is too vast. Yet it would be a good think if the US could fly some of their drone to localize the groups and shoot them.
Like in Zinjibar.

On the same day on the other side of the African continent: Masked assailants launched simultaneous gun and grenade raids on two churches in a Kenya killing 17 poeple

IMO it's not good tactic to hit Obama's birthland.
It must touch his tribal sensitivity.
Those are most likely Obama's tribesmen doing the murdering, his African family are Muslim.
Don't be stupid, they are islamists from Sudan. Or were you kidding?