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Full Version: How likely is this Russian threat to occur?
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Out of sight, out of mind, eh? S1
Yes the Iranian can be pragmatic and realistic as long as the issues are secondary, the deals serve their immediate interrrest and they can engage in bazaar bargaining.

But as soon as you touch their sacro-saint nuclear force, they lose all control of themselves.
The speach goes either messianic, tantrum or paranoiac. It's no longer possible to talk with them.

Then we understand that an old bearded man posing as God's envoy is taking all the important decisions.
Iran is one huge pressure cooker, that has had its pressure valve sealed to prevent dissent. The pressure keeps growing and this is 'unseen', but eventually it will become so great it will all explode in the Mullah's faces. And the longer it is kept under growing pressure, the worse will be the effect of the explosion.

Unfortunately, that cannot happen soon enough.
When the revolution to come to Qatar and S.Arabia? Any chance?
(05-08-2012, 05:40 PM)Green Wrote: [ -> ]When the revolution to come to Qatar and S.Arabia? Any chance?

No telling comrade. Almost every one of those Middle East states need some shaking up one way or the other. And my guess is that SA will have its own bloody revolution if they don't start liberalizing things more. I'm not sure about Qatar, even though the majority of the citizenry are Shia.

Maybe their opposition needs money from the US State Department to help "democracy" (I can't pick the term) grow?
I certainly hope not. After all, We're Broke!

Nothing will cause a good dose of reality like that of not having money in one's pockets. Let's hope so anyway. S5
The situation in SA, Qatar and the likes is different because there isn't a large part of the citizenry discarded from the economic life. In these oil emirates poeple are either rich enough to have nothing to complain about or foreigner who have nothing to say anyway.
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