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Full Version: The Aussies are Clearing out Labour In A Big Way
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It looks like there is a major sweep going on in the five Australian states, as the Liberal Party, along with their junior partners(National Party) are cleaning up Big Time, and turning out Labour. This could well be the biggest sweep of seats in the country's history. Obviously the folks Down Under are fed up with all that Collectivist mantra.

As Jo Nova has put it , when all is over, there will be enough room in the van below to hold all the house members of party Labour.

[Image: labours-new-minivan.jpg?w=640]

Look for this to reach world news real soon, as the tidal wave continues. S5

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So why has the van a New Zealand number plate, and New Zealand flags?
The official flag of Australia was changed last year, featuring two of its trademark animals, and expressing the cutting of the ties to the former colonial masters.

[Image: social_jolly-jumpers.jpg]
I cannot vouch for the license plate, but I can for the flag on the right. It is definitely NOT that of New Zealand. It is Australia's. Obviously you are not able to tell the small difference.

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSKloTAqwwuRHTH3pWJzWQ...nscvT5V_pg]

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSDDbt98evSC1Bu6SUSrY5...X29iIQACRC]

So, which one is which Einstein.