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Full Version: Global Population Article
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Just the opposite of the Malthusians. Among other things, we can all stop worrying about illegal immigration from the south, they stopped having kids themselves a decade ago.
Again an article saying that we will soon face a shortage of workers while unemployement is 9% in the US and 11% in Europe and as high as 24% for the youth or in some regions.
When in Europe we don't have enough shelters for all the paperless immigrants...
When Egypt faces imminent food shortage due to its massive population.

I dn't think we'll see a shortage of workers anytime soon. IMO our society and our population adapted to the new technologies allowing poeple to live older and to children to reach adulthood more reliably.
If we do less children it's not because we are rich or educated, but because we don't need as many children as before. It's an instinctive reaction. And a fortunate one when you consider that the global population passed the 7 billion mark last year and keep on increasing at a rate of 230,000 poeple a year.

IMO poeple are wealthier and more educated because they have less children not the opposite. Because these poeple choosed not to have children and to go to college and earn money instead of staying at home feeding babies.
Fred, there is much more to all this than just available numbers. There is also the calibre of the numbers. And especially in Euroland Park, where most of the immigrants originate in countries dominated by the 'Religion of Peace' Islam. I can see us having a bit of this same trouble in the future, especially in Ron and Bill's neighborhood.

Either way, it doesn't matter. All of us are losing youthful citizens. It will be a very significant change we face. Maybe really hits when we are dead, but, our kids will feel it.
You don't really have to worry over there, whatever happens. If you had the population density of UK or Germany, the US would be home to more people than the populations of China and India combined.

If this report is accurate, population density will be dropping about everywhere. Ain't gonna be many young people.
The 7 billion barrier was taken many years before it was expected in the forecasts, possibly because people live longer rather than having more kids globally. DW reported yesterday that the life expectancy of Germans increases by 3 months every year. It's certainly the same in Canada. The pension age should be raised accordingly, by 3 months per year. From 65 to 67 is too little too late. Hardly anybody of them does physically demanding work anyway, they sit in offices and services.
Palladin, We are not losing kids. I'll bet you money that there are more kids today here, in Western countries (let alone elswhere) than 100 years ago.

As Q said, it's just that poeple live longer therefore making the old population proportionaly bigger than the young one.
If you want to keep a positive ratio of Young vs. Old, you will want an hyperbolic demographic rise, a little bit like your national debt, unsustainable and which have to be stopped at some moment. Preferably sooner than later.

Look: Poeple are young from 15 to 30, that's 15 years. But they are old (by kid's standards) from 60 to 90.
That's twice as many. It's impossible to balance that.
We have to live with the fact that 1/3 of the population will have grey hairs, walk slowly and be half deaf. And even better: these frail beings will still work!

I'm radicaly against the pension system. It's a vicious circle. Poeple never need to stop working. There are some countries where it's illegal to hire somone of pension age, that's moronic.
Poeple in the past always worked until death or until they were seriousely invalid. I personaly know two persons who worked until 81 years old! And practicaly untill they died. And they were the happiest poeple I knew. (well, by some exageration...)
I mean they were not feeling miserable because they worked that old.

There should be no raise in pension age: The pension system should be abolished alltogether.

When poeple stop working their physical and mental health degrades rapidly, increasing even more health expenses. 2/3 of health expense are for retired poeple.

Let's give a pension to whoever is too invalid to work no matter of their age, and it will still include a majority of old poeple. But for budget sake, please stop these infinite paid hollidays.