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Full Version: Chiquita Has Gone Bananas
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Ethical Oil vs Chiquita Bananas

Some environmental group managed to convince Chiquita Bananas to boycott Canada Oil Sands oil, so a group in Alberta has organized a national boycott on Chiquita products.

Chiquita Conflict

Chiquita Facebook Page Tell them what you think of this stupid move.

Pardon my ignorance, but what is 'ethical oil'? Is that oil that goes to church regularly? Or is it oil that never stains your clothing?
The Left is doing everything in its power to kill the Alberta oil sands. Saudi, Iranian and Venezuelan oil is referred to as conflict oil by those who support the oil sands in Canada, the money made from producing Canadian oil is not used to kill or deny someone of their human rights.
Oh, sounds interesting. I'm all for developing locally.