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Full Version: Image Thread
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Alright, let's try this thing again, ok? By now we all know what is acceptable, and what is not.

Who wants to go first?
I will.

[Image: corndog02.jpg]
You don't give up, do you?
What did you expect?
(12-04-2011, 09:34 PM)Huh...What? Wrote: [ -> ]What did you expect?
The Spanish Inquisition?

[Image: spanish_inquisition.jpg]


[Image: tumblr_lv8ewbmSik1qjvsoxo1_500.png]

[Image: tumblr_lvdcnas39y1qlxohso1_500.gif]

[Image: tumblr_luyditxC3e1qi9og1o1_500.png]
[Image: tumblr_ltl8oudfLs1qzmowao1_500.gif]
He is lucky we haven't decided to go down, thrown off this forum in a blaze of dick pictures.
John is a very brave man... the way this is going, I would not be surprised if he finds a dead corndog mailed to him.
[Image: tumblr_lpzjfoFT0N1qz84n6o1_500.jpg] (large image, so it's not linked. it's a NASA space picture)
Aurora, large images will be auto scaled down through one of the plugins I installed. You'll be able to click the image for full size.
okay then. S1
[Image: cornDogHead.jpg]
That must be Kris. S13
[Image: corndog2.jpg]
Thank you John. The fun, ribbing and humor begin.
JT, keep in mind that Kris is expressing his anti-establishment gene here. If you had been a member of "" at its height, you would have seen Kris going head-to-head with the owner, Chovy, time after time, after time. It was amazing. Chovy would try to ignore him, but eventually Kris would strike a chord, and Chovy would suspend him, or outright ban him. He would be reinstated, then piss off Chovy, get banned, and the process would start over. This went on until Chovy finally threw up his hands and said "No More".

After some time, I had to act as a mediator, being administrator there, and finally promise to ensure Kris would be a good little boy, on my dime, before Chovy would agree to allow him back on the site.

Kris goes out of his way to shoot the bird at any thing that reeks of authority, to the point of cutting off his nose to spite his face. He and I go a long way back, and he knows I am very tolerant, up to a point. And I realize that he is just trying to have some good sport with me. So I really don't mind, as long as he does this in good fun. S1
I am very tolerant, up to a point - I think I'm going to borrow this phrase.

No sarcasm here... I effectively banned a valuable member on my forum two days ago after two years of struggling with him. Well, I did not ban him... I only deleted his latest post and said that any attack post, any post based on hearsay, any post attempting to dig dirt on anyone, and post that may cause a lawsuit against the forum, etc etc... will be dealt with likewise... but this leaves him little he can post...

sorry for the offtopic.
Got the Oryx (Gemsbok) hide in the mail today. When I caped/skinned the animal, I gave the taxidermist the whole hide with head attached for the mount I was going to have done. I think he was a bit liberal with how much hide he used in making the mount and so the hide, when it came back to me, wasn't as big length-wise down the back as it should have been. This was a big animal to begin with and I should know as I was the one that caped and quartered the fucker.

Anyhow, regardless, I love this thing and it's going on my wall with the mount when I get the placement right. Here:

[Image: 2i6gdnq.jpg]

Alternatively, this could be a African multicultural thing and I could play an African Chief by wearing it around.