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Full Version: Image Thread
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(06-09-2019, 09:02 PM)John L Wrote: [ -> ]This one is for you Bill.  S22

[Image: Screen-Shot-2019-06-02-at-5.25.34-PM.png...C559&ssl=1]


[Image: Triple-A.jpg?w=674]
[Image: Finding-the-dog-a-good-name....jpg?w=750]
[Image: Little-Johnny-is-not-so-stupid....jpg?w=480]
This takes Buck Naked to new levels.  S13

[Image: ifzHEeL%2B%25281%2529.png]
[Image: The-miracle-of-beer....jpg?w=750]
[Image: sk062119dBP20190620084631.jpg]
[Image: city-folks.jpg]
That lost dog looks a bit Wiley.
Sorry Bill, but I like this one. I'm not replying to your post. Spiteful

[Image: if-you-are-easily-offended.jpg]
If Wile E. Coyote got a participation trophy and went home, maybe the Road Runner could have relaxed a bit.

Everything can tie together.
[Image: 1043848_571992512851262_1060407790_n.jpg...e=5DC1FD71]
[Image: 90mimb_psbn8k8TNf1vrm6hh_540.jpg]
The Devil is Everywhere!

[Image: Creepy-Great-White.jpg?w=599]
[Image: 90mimb_ptaoyfdY4k1t62xgq_500.jpg]
I have to confess that I have never heard of Colgate having a new tooth paste that is "Active Salt & Lemon" flavored.  I have been a Colgate user for decades, so I looked this up on Amazon,............and Holy Cow!  This is for real.  Shock

Here's what caught my eye, and caused me to be confused.

[Image: IMG_1889.jpg?resize=574%2C600&ssl=1]

No Schist.  if they did add Tequilla to the mix, Colgate would have the most popular tooth past on the planet.  S22

[Image: 61SevfxJfjL._SX522_-1-300x300.jpg]
[Image: The-damn-thing-doesnt-work.jpg?w=835]
Just plug it in.
Care for some Pineapple?

I saw this on Bored Panda, and just had to post it. S22

[Image: inedible-things-look-like-food-131-5bdb2...b__605.jpg]