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Obviously somebody wasn't paying attention. Shock

[Image: w4lddwrs3qrz.jpg]
[Image: lgwzhykd2srz.jpg]

Black labs have all the fun. S22

[Image: j1qsBVc.jpg]
(10-14-2017, 01:25 PM)John L Wrote: [ -> ]Obviously somebody wasn't paying attention.  Shock

[Image: w4lddwrs3qrz.jpg]

The quick brown fox wasn't so quick after all.
Watch your step. S22

[Image: 5rgs3es.png]
Is this the world's coolest frog? S13

[Image: 47e1bbf7db7fb1c3f93c5f5979bbe8c6.jpg]
[Image: slz9yxht98wz.jpg]
Ron, this is one of the main reasons why I no longer eat beef. I don't think I have even had any ground beef in months.

[Image: bh2x1sq.jpg]

I can justify eating chicken because chickens are birds, which are really dinosaurs, i.e. raptors. But I will almost certainly give them up sometime in the future. S1
Link doesn't work.
Charlie Manson's latest selfie...

[Image: Generic-Fire-graphic-jpg.jpg]
How it all began. S13

[Image: zu5h228jtzzz.jpg]
(11-20-2017, 03:36 PM)John L Wrote: [ -> ]Orgy Time.   S22

John, we said "no porn"...
Talk about ingenuity, and subtly, all rolled into one. S13

[Image: aHR0cDovL3d3dy5saXZlc2NpZW5jZS5jb20vaW1h...VyZS5KUEc=]
We just had six more deer come visiting in our suburban Troy (suburb north of Detroit) yard. We usually see the deer at least once a month, but usually in groups of two or three. This is the first time we have seen six at once. This picture was taken out of the kitchen window, about 100 feet distant, facing south. Three deer are clearly visible on this side of the fence. Three more deer are crouching in the brush behind the fence, though they are very hard to see. We are glad to have these foresty visitors. One seems to have found something to eat at the base of the fence. The small tree in the foreground is an apple tree. The deer are probably wishing there were apples on it.

[Image: d7a377dc72090f10cc742fe5efce609f--daylig...g-time.jpg]
Cute. S13

[Image: 5a9e9bff13c71_c9P90Nur__605.jpg]
[Image: 29542408_10160401799670106_7126707069859...e=5B3358E0]
[Image: Cage-of-asparagus.jpeg?resize=600%2C296]
My brother, Wm, used to love those warped puns! He made up a lot of them, himself.

Puns that bad merit punitive measures!
I am so glad I am not addicted to that............thing. S18

[Image: Smartphone-zombies.jpeg]