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Who'll take de woman Person wit da Big Ass?  S13
Educating your kids into your religion...

[Image: 15356656_1189124861142496_44167826598315...e=58FCC5D1]
[Image: 15319290_1046433338816421_24595187103518...e=58ED1D80]
[Image: dark-humor-cartoons-extra-fabulous-comic...3__605.jpg]
[Image: 15894364_1374724402590376_79134968801091...e=59126145]
That's probably a whole more effective in the long run. S13
[Image: funny-spelling-mistakes-errors-fails-120...6__605.jpg]
This is so cute. S22

[Image: short-people-problems-1-58775f99e73b1__700.jpg]
[Image: funny-snapchat-fails-70-5841241da14d3__605.jpg]
Apparently she never mastered the "cat-under-foot-shuffle."
Sometimes Life Just Ain't Fair Spiteful
[Image: 2o9Oj9t.png]
New Trump Doll.

[Image: trump-nude-troll-doll-chuck-williams-2.jpg]
[Image: Snakes.jpeg?w=600]
Interesting Prague sculpture

[Image: bkIiN3e.jpg]
[Image: ah9wyjysj0iy.jpg]
(02-25-2017, 10:06 PM)John L Wrote: [ -> ]Interesting Prague sculpture

[Image: bkIiN3e.jpg]

Here's the question:

would you climb up the ladder to look in the, um, opening?
Granted, its a bit more blatant than normal, but don't you look at it every time you get ready to insert your Johnson JW? S13
[Image: C5p4McAUYAAkEDU.jpg]
And on a further note here.......................... It always pays to be a bit careful.

[Image: professional-birth-photography-competiti...1__880.jpg]