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Full Version: Image Thread
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[Image: Need-Bigger-Basket-copy.jpg?w=600]
[Image: 14440815_1023366767775511_67675758677283...e=5872EFE1]
[Image: 14484948_331107040571414_769424576469345...e=58827A89]
Fred, you are absolutely shameless, you know that?   Making fun of Kim Kardashian's butt should be against the law.   You gonna get 'dem hoodies all worked up, on yo ass.  S13
You sure he isn't making fun of the zebra's butt?

Just askin'...

Caption this...

[Image: unnamed-7-620x465.jpg]
For certain that is not a "kippah". Looks more like an insert to a woman's black bra. In fact, that's where he probably got it. S13
Wearing it like that by him makes it look like a flattened dunce cap.

BADASS Jackal Hawk  Shock

[Image: funny-hawk-photoshop-battle-61.jpg]

SUPER BADASS Jackal Hawk  S22

He even knows fire safety proceedure

[Image: funny-hawk-photoshop-battle-1-57f1fd483716e__700.jpg]
This takes the term "shat upon" to new heights.

[Image: comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-2016-...0__880.jpg]
[Image: 14590073_1692442137749730_53140104858209...JpIjoiYiJ9]
JL Wrote:Fred, you've GOT to stop this.
[Image: 14522692_644201422428062_764996829659309...e=58ADBE8E]
This guy must be practicing up in order to qualify for presidential candidate.  S13

[Image: comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-short...1__880.jpg]
Here we are folks. Step right up and sign on the dotted line. S18
So near, and oh so far away.....................
[Image: 39AA93E600000578-3867256-image-m-10_1477316789841.jpg]
(10-24-2016, 06:48 PM)WarBicycle Wrote: [ -> ][Image: 39AA93E600000578-3867256-image-m-10_1477316789841.jpg]

Where's the Kalashnikov? Was it removed from the picture? S13
[Image: mrz102416_color.jpg]
He certainly is right on that one Jack.  Ramirez aways manages to hit the nail on the head.
Just change the name from "Steve" to "John L",.........or "Bill".  S22

[Image: honest-everyday-life-illustrations-chaz-...0__880.jpg]