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Ever hear the story bout the dinner party, where they were all discussing an acquaintance who had an accident where his penis was cut off. one woman asked, "You mean right through the bone?"

...the others gave a standing ovation to her husband.
Fatherly advice to first dates.

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[Image: paKGgko.jpg]
Last concert/photo taken of Buddy Holly, February 2, 1959. Colorized
[Image: 2Ecc2MW.jpg]

And Waylon Jennings on bass behind him. Jennings would give up his seat on the doomed plane to The Big Bopper just minutes before takeoff.

'When Holly learned that his band mates had given up their seats on the plane and had chosen to take the bus rather than fly, a friendly banter between Holly and Jennings ensued, and it would come back to haunt Jennings for decades to follow: Holly jokingly told Jennings, "Well, I hope your ol' bus freezes up!" Jennings jokingly replied, "Well, I hope your ol' plane crashes!" Less than an hour and a half later, shortly after 1:00 AM on February 3, 1959 Holly's charter plane crashed at full throttle into a cornfield outside Mason City, Iowa, instantly killing all on board'
How to tell a Redneck lottery winner from everyone else...................

[Image: CHY5GL4.jpg]
[Image: CnRV8JBWEAEQIpS.jpg:large]
This guy needs a course on image marketing...

[Image: moving-to-canada-we-can-sell-your-home-b...207986.jpg]
Looks good to me.  He's covering all the bases. S22
[Image: funny-snapchats-16-579624e82b769__605.jpg]
[Image: 35AFD74E00000578-0-image-a-115_1466954364841.jpg]
There's something odd, and unusual about this young lady.  Can you spot it?

[Image: 363217A100000578-3690018-image-a-18_1468494841981.jpg]
Either she has a very long thumb, or else she is one of those rare people with six fingers on one hand. (Polydactyly.) I wonder if she has six toes on each foot, as well. She might potentially be a great pianist!

Here is one link that names 10 famous people who had six fingers and/or six toes on one hand/foot:

Here is one:

Quote:Antonio Alfonseca:

A retired relief pitcher who last pitched for Philadelphia Phillies, Antonio Alfonseca was born with extra digits in both hands and feet. He was nicknamed El Pulpo (“The Octopus”), The Dragonslayer, and Six-Fingers due to his condition which he was very proud of. Florida Marlins (1997-2001, 2005), the Chicago Cubs (2002-2003), the Atlanta Braves (2004) and the Texas Rangers (2006) were some of the other clubs he played for.

The same website says that Oprah Winfrey is among those famous people who have six toes on one foot--in her case, just her left foot. Link:

Halley Berry is also said to be among those people with extra digits.
I would never have noticed. I bet my wife would though, she's a detail person.
[Image: psycho-the-rapist-its-one-word-george-ps...rapist.jpg]
English is such a fun language! S5
This guy is on the road to being thoroughly domesticated. S22

[Image: ftd2Wqz.jpg]
Found one in a pool here last year and we trapped one from work 2 weeks ago, big one.
I found this article from 2013. I think they come from hills north of here, doesn't seem like they could make it here from the Smokeys w/o being killed or trapped.
"I shall name him, Birdie Sanders" S13

[Image: 6uhAx81.jpg]