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(02-16-2013, 02:59 PM)sunsettommy Wrote: [ -> ][Image: 69632_327612647344539_2048692112_n.png]
And you still do not wish to take guns from them? Are you crazy?
[Image: 20130313_DOWSPX_0.jpg]

With Obama at the helm what do you think the chances are history will repeat itself?
Not bad.

As for the Cheney part, [Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRcS6fcq0JTdgX3CVjKK5y...CbUc1gyHOA]
[Image: Gabby-Giffords-AR15-Rifle-Photo-Leak.jpg]
[Image: D3645858-3139-45C2-AF14-EF5F6C8D8B73-390...2a47b1.jpg]
[Image: 65NV7z5.jpg]
[Image: article-2297200-18D8D9EA000005DC-113_634x680.jpg]
Kim Kardashian

This again reminds me of the question form the Movie "Barber Shop". What's the difference 'tween a "Big Assed Woman" and a "Woman wit' a Big Ass"?
[Image: enhanced-buzz-21146-1363905059-16.jpg]
[Image: enhanced-buzz-2618-1363905067-0.jpg]
[Image: enhanced-buzz-24953-1363905144-14.jpg]
[Image: enhanced-buzz-24964-1363905359-4.jpg]
[Image: enhanced-buzz-3062-1363905388-14.jpg]
[Image: enhanced-buzz-8974-1363924366-2.jpg]
[Image: enhanced-buzz-1785-1363924306-4.jpg]
Two Hybrids I'd love to see

[Image: enhanced-buzz-13717-1363876777-1.jpg]
Guinea Lion

[Image: enhanced-buzz-16988-1363877125-7.jpg]
Nice! Any more photos like this where you got them?

(I reposted them on my forum where half the people suffer from acute hybridophobia... waiting for the reaction. S13 )

Puggit, incidentally, is a real breed. It is a cross between the Italian Greyhound and the Pug.

Looks like crap, unlike yours: [Image: PuggitCrash8Months.JPG]
You're right, it is a bit ugly. And if it sheds like a pug, it has another major strike against.

But this has me scratching my head:

Quote:"This is Crash. This picture was taken at eight months old. His mother is an Italian Greyhound and his father is a Pug (both purebred). I don't know if you can tell from this picture, but because of the difference in muzzle lengths of both breeds, he has a pretty severe under biteā€”it looks like he's always smiling. He's a good puppy, very easy to housebreak. And he's quiet, good in our apartment. He's a very active dog as well, he loves to go for walks and play tug-of-war...and he likes to cuddle, especially at night."

How did he manage to complete his mission of procreation? Did someone have to hold him the entire time? Did the mother oblige by lying down? Or did someone provide the father with a step ladder? S13

As for the pictures, I'll have to go back and see where I got them. Like I mentioned to Bill earlier, my poor pea brain just can't keep up with where it goes for some reason. S5
Aha! ---->

a whole Guinea series, including [Image: Guinea-Pig-634x492.jpg]
I think I like this guy best. He/she just looks real.

[Image: Guinea-Bear.jpg]
[Image: Midnight-Reassurances-for-Calvin.jpg]