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Full Version: Image Thread
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[Image: cheeruplilguy.jpg]
Nows, this is definitely worth a try, just to piss everyone off.

[Image: elevator.jpg]
[Image: starbucks.jpg]
[Image: every-monkey-slr.jpg]
Murder on the streets

[Image: dead-bollard.jpg]
[Image: madonna.jpg]
[Image: whale.jpg]
[Image: careful_driving.jpg]
This one is Soo Cool!

[Image: snoopy_crossing.jpg]
Not photoshopped, one of the Faroe Islands

[Image: luytla-duymun.jpg]
[Image: fugly.jpg]
Here's what a Nice Ass looks like. My favorite Mustang of all time.

[Image: mustang_ass-660x438.jpg]
(10-24-2012, 04:59 AM)John L Wrote: [ -> ][Image: whale.jpg]

That's a dolphin, not a shark. Sharks move their tails from side to side, dolphin top to bottom.
(10-24-2012, 09:19 AM)WarBicycle Wrote: [ -> ]That's a dolphin, not a shark. Sharks move their tails from side to side, dolphin top to bottom.

I believe it really is a whale of some sort. My first thought was that it was a whale shark, but like you said, the tail fin is set up differently with fish and mammals. The flukes on mammals are horizontal, allowing for up and down movement. A fish's tail is vertical for the side-to-side motion.

I'd be curious to know just what type of mammal that one is. Its definitely not an Orca, which is smaller.

I don't know the real reason why the tail fins are different from fish and mammals, but I would suspect it has something to do with how mammals breathe. Fish have gills and there is no real need to have a tail that can lift the head higher very quickly. But with the flukes being horizontal, a flick of the tail can almost instantly change the upward and downward movement of the mammal. Fish don't have to do that, because their gills are constantly passing oxygenated water through them.
[Image: funnyvale-1344968612.jpg]
[Image: 185153_282526991848140_405406055_n.jpg]
[Image: 579580_281484018619104_1753135953_n.jpg]
(10-27-2012, 10:36 AM)sunsettommy Wrote: [ -> ][Image: 185153_282526991848140_405406055_n.jpg]

Close, but not entirely true.

Two exceptions readily come to mind. Sarah Palin and Michelle Malkin are female jihadists, and a danger to the US. peace and tranquility. Just ask any Leftard and see if they don't agree with that. S5
Washed my hands five times after seeing this. A staph infection just about killed me a few years ago...

[Image: wash-your-hands-youre-about-to-share-mor...y-1978.jpg]
[Image: 644161_457308777640697_1558341530_n.jpg]