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Full Version: Image Thread
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Courtesy of Powerline ... pix on parade

[Image: 394x292xGerman-Clinton-copy.jpg.pagespee...q7SYoW.jpg]
[Image: 580x388xGerman-Obama-2-copy-600x402.jpg....szeTN8.jpg]
[Image: 485x318xGerman-Obama-1-copy.jpg.pagespee...hQER1w.jpg]
[Image: 397x308xGerman-Obama-3-copy.jpg.pagespee...hf2jax.jpg]
Ha ha ha...

[Image: 314269_464172906960590_438111309_n.jpg]
[Image: 644634_355173791238756_1350473775_n.jpg]
Grizz, is that what we had before ObamaCare too?

If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it's free. - P. J. O'Rourke
And speaking of food, I wonder what the Beast had on her mind when this picture was taken?

[Image: hilary-clinton-christina-aguilera-lead-1.jpeg?w=600]
[Image: PBF255-Different.jpg]

I dunno if it's funny because it's often truer than not, but I like to think so.
[Image: 1368ba1ab6ed38bb1f26f36673739d54.jpg]
I really did Love that one. Congrats! S3
[Image: 76589_542297415785585_1771031607_n.jpg]
[Image: 117422_600.jpg]

Scroll down

Hitler in happier times:
[Image: 1CdpS.jpg]
What is Hitler doing with Frederick of Hollywood models?
he would have lived a whole lot longer if he had relied on the "Make Love, Not War" credo. Course, Socialism tends to warp the mind of leaders, so his path was laid out for him already. S5

Oh, and notice the pretty little broad on the right. She may not have liked shaving under her arms, but at least she knew to go after the long legs. LOL!
World's first Smart Car

[Image: smart-car.jpg]
Robert Plant out sightseeing. S5

[Image: nightmares-for-life.jpg]
[Image: just-wanna-get-home.jpg]
Here's what Honesty-In-Advertising would look like.

[Image: if_signage_was_honest.jpg]
[Image: speeding.jpg]
Evolution of Obesity.

[Image: largest-man-in-the-world-in-1903.jpg]