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Full Version: AQ in Africa
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Here is the next chapter in the never ending War on Terrorism:

If this keeps up, would we become involved in Africa as well? That'll work out wonderfully for us and the locals. I do not think that, unless America changes it's attitude to foreign engagements, we'll let this pass unmolested.
I wonder if we're somewhat operating on historical inertia by now. Rome did this, they got to the point where everyone was asking them to adjudicate this and that dispute and they got to where they never said no.

It's addictive to think you are god.
I think we're going somewhat too far with that line of reasoning you posited, Pat.

I do think that it's not so much a God complex, but some mysterious duty that befits a world power to go about cleaning things up and fighting global evil-doers.

Regardless, if we get heavily involved in one of the most persistently uncivilized places of the Earth, we're going to do some real paying for it. The British managed for about the larger part of a century, but it cost them blood and money and the locals certainly paid for it as well.
I agree with that. Like John says, we're already bankrupted, no need to further that along.