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Full Version: The Iron Niqab is our next problem because these idiots live to die
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Quote:Islamist party claims Moroccan election win

Moderate Islamist Justice and Development Party says it won the largest number of seats in parliamentary elections.

RABAT - The Justice and Development Party (PJD) said it had won the largest number of seats in Morocco's parliamentary election on Friday.

"Based on reports filed by our representatives at polling stations throughout the country, we are the winners. We won Rabat, Casablanca, Tangier, Kenitra, Sale, Beni Mellal and Sidi Ifni to cite just a few," Lahcen Daodi, second in command of the moderate Islamist party, told Reuters.

"Our party has won the highest number of seats," he added.

Government officials could not immediately confirm the party's claim.

The PJD would be the second moderate Islamist party to lead a North African government since the start of the region's Arab Spring uprisings, following Tunisia.

Daodi could not give a figure for the number of seats his party had won in the 395-member House of Representatives.

Mustapha Al Khalfi, a member of the PJD's politburo, also said the party had won the election but sounded a note of caution.

"We have to wait for the final results because there was a lot of fraud, so we hope that it will not cost us what should be a resounding victory for our party," he said.

Looks like Islamic Barry Hussein's plans are slowly falling into place, the West should grant them their wish and destroy Islam once and for all.
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[quote]Moderate Islamist Justice and Development Party says it won the largest number of seats in parliamentary elections.[/quote]

Moderate to whom?

The reason why they have this love affair with dying is that there is so little on this earth that they can enjoy. The system Islam seems to foster makes it almost impossible for them to be able to enjoy life in this world. So what have they got to lose?

All you have to do is watch any daily prayer, where they all line up, en mass, where there is absolutely no individuality amongst all of them, and you can see what the mentality is: hyper Collectivism. You do what you are instructed, or you will face the music. If my Christianity required that, I would be a confirmed atheist just out of spite.

Sorry Kamil, I have nothing against individuals, who were raised under Islam. My beef is against Islam itself, and its hive mentality, and hatred of Individualism.

I think that as long as they are muslim they will always vote islamist.
It's like americans who would vote for a US-born president (with the exception of Obama).