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Full Version: Electric Cars: Are You Using One?
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And this in the "See, I told you so" category: Duke Energy stops use of electric car charging station

Quote: Duke Energy is asking customers who own their electric car charging station to stop using the product after a house fire in Mooresville last month.

Duke Energy sent an e-mail to about 125 customers in the Carolinas and Indiana who currently participate in their plug-in electric vehicle pilots and have the same type of charging station installed at their homes to stop using it.

Investigators have not determined if the electric car charger was the source of a house fire in Mooresville on October 30, but the product has been the center of the investigation.

The e-mail continues to explain that Duke Energy has no direct reason to believe that the charging station was the reason of the fire, but out of caution, customers should not use the charging station until they receive additional information from the investigation.

The fire happened last month and caused $800,000 worth of damage to the home. Two people suffered minor injuries after they helped one of the residents in the home to safety.

Investigators blame the charger, yet Duke Energy believes there is no direct reason to believe the charging station was the reason for the fire? Does that sound like a clear case of CYA? And if not, why are they trying to stop everyone from using the charger?
We should ban electric cars.

"If it saves ONE life it's worth it!"


On a more serious note, if the electric car fills up on electricity made from coal, then how is this better than filling up on gasoline? Most of our electricity DOES come from coal...
Do you mean that I have to give up the electric car racetrack I bought for my kids last Christmas? What about electric trains?