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Full Version: New Mohamad Cartoon from France
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The "Charlie Hebdo" newspaper building has been set on fire by muslims a few days after the publication.
The same newspaper also published the Danish cartoons a few years ago. S23

Translation: "100 lashes if you don't die of laughter!"

[Image: ch-1011-01.jpg?w=650&h=826]
Fredle..., your image does not show and I cannot copy the text to paste into my browser.
and this?[Image: ch-1011-01.jpg]

If not I'll move it up to my private website...
This is getting more interesting by the day now.

[Image: gay-muhammed-536x620.png]
Geez... they realy want a suicide bomber in their office or what?
Well, isn't Islam the religion of love?
They should publish one showing Mohammed giving a Rabbi a BJ; that ought to get them burning cars.
Speaking of the lack of burning cars and death fatwas, is the virulence of radical Islam fading?
I'm surprised by the lack of reaction, especialy in muslim countries. Is this kind of stuff being banalized?

LOL: Maybe the deal was "You give us Lybia, we stop burning your cars."