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Full Version: The Midnight Ride of the IRS
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Unbelievable. No wonder foreigners think we're so arrogant, we are.
Jesus wept. This is funny stuff. The level of ridiculousness keeps on growing. It'll reach a head someday hopefully.
Fair Tax, or Flat Tax anyone?
In this reality or our own? We'll never be Estonian.
I'm not so sure I even believe this story for a couple of things reading it:

Email? Seriously? The IRS didnt' send proper letters that need to be signed, even if in another country to the recipient? I doubt they're this sloppy.

from the article Wrote:Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has written an indignant letter to leading U.S. newspapers. All of us are getting wildly conflicting professional advice.

What idiot thinks a newspaper is giving them "professional advice"?

I tried to contact my friend living in Cyprus about this but she disappeared into thin air again. She would know. So talking to my mom who had to know a few things about taxes during her job as a bookkeeper for the NYCHA. It all sounds fishy to both of us.

and then there's this person:

from article Wrote:I’m on the IRS hit list, too. I came here at 13, and I’ve been a citizen since 1979. I don’t have a U.S. passport or any U.S. earnings. But the IRS wants to confiscate a large chunk of my retirement savings. Many of my friends are in the same fix. They send me e-mails saying things like, “Have you filled out the FBAR [Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts] yet?” The amnesty deadline has come and gone, and we still have no idea what to do.

If this person has no money whatsoever in this country, how can they tax you? They cannot tax monies not earned in the USA to persons NOT living in the USA just because they were born here and moved. We tax income that is earned here.

"Swiss" bank accounts do not apply to this as it's money that is earned here and hidden out of country to avoid taxes.

Now if any of these people earned money here and never paid taxes and took off, then they owe regardless of citizenship.

I think it's all bullshit and the article is made up of falsehoods to sound legit. I think these 'emails' are phishing emails and these dupes fell for it. Notice none of these people called the IRS to find out? That last paragraph where this couple "decided to come clean" is very vague. Who did they come clean to?

The whole article stinks of crap.
You think so Dear?

Hey, welcome back. Are you ok?
I'm fine. Matt was on vacation so I took time away with him to have some fun.

And yes, I think the whole article stinks.
How do they know where these people are to begin with?
Personally, I think the IRS is in serious need of being done away with. That is why the Fair Tax, or even a Flat Tax, would allow for it to be disbanded.
Can't disagree with you there.