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Full Version: Roman Amphoras Found Off Albania - Alas all empty!
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Archelogists won't be able to taste this old millesime, yet it's a big discovery.

Too bad Albania is not in position to conduct proper exploration.
Wow, that's pretty cool. I love ancient history and looking at those old artifacts up close.

Got to see the Pompeii exhibit in NYC's Discovery Times Square this spring and saw the King Tut exhibit there last winter. Pompeii was very sad to see. You could see the faces and expressions on the casts. Very creepy. I couldn't even imagine the horror those people experienced.

King Tut was a bigger exhibit and it was absolutely STUNNING. The artifacts, up close were amazing. Detail and workmanship just had me in awe.

I'm hoping to get Matt up to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Cloisters next month when he's on 'vacation'. He's never been and I haven't been since I was in Jr High. It's amazing there.

I hope they exhibit some of that wreck here. I'd love to see it!
Indeed. There are a lot of wrecks discovered but they make few exhibit. Worth to see them when there are some.