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Full Version: Danes dislike Obama Artist
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Quote:When graffiti artist Shepard Fairey turned his talents to US politics, his reward was international acclaim and a letter of thanks from Barack Obama. When he employed a similar tactic in Denmark, however, the response proved altogether less edifying.

Last weekend, Fairey – creator of the famous "Hope" poster that came to encapsulate Obama's 2008 presidential campaign – was beaten up after the opening of his exhibition at a Copenhagen gallery.

Earlier this month he was involved with a controversial mural that has enraged leftwing anarchists throughout the city.

"I have a black eye and a bruised rib," Fairey told the Guardian.

According to reports, 41-year-old Fairey and his colleague Romeo Trinidad were punched and kicked by at least two men outside the Kodboderne 18 nightclub in the early hours of last Saturday morning. Fairey claims the men called him "Obama illuminati" and ordered him to "go back to America".

Despite the rest of the crap that follows, I figure this coming to people like this ideologue. It may have worked and been appreciated by a Marxist administration, but apparently the rest of the world doesn't buy that shit, or America's as a whole even, very much. And this is from Danish left-wingers supposedly. There has to be more to it than some stupid treehouse club being bulldozed.

Perhaps Americans should stay home and stop proselytizing or at least getting into things that we shouldn't have a care about.
I'll bet Fairey and his "friend" were out struttin' their stuff about being a big Obama fan, and they were perhaps a bit loud in the wrong company. Strangers don't just whoop up on you when you have been silent and non-assertive.