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Full Version: Narcissism and the Fallacy of Good Leadership
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This article certainly reminds us that Narcissism and leadership skills, while they may come packaged together, tend to be confuse observers, and ultimately lead to confirmation that the Peter Principle is an iron clad rule.

Does this remind you of anyone in the political arena?

Narcissists rise to the top because people mistake their confidence and authority for leadership qualities

It reminds me of my boss,the Manager.

All three members of my Irrigation maintenance group thinks he is clueless about having us do work we have no time for.He thinks in one dimensional terms.

He wants us to be water auditors for our parks that are irrigated.He wants to have all of it done through Timer programming.

But he leaves out many other factors in improving water use efficiency.Such as better sprinklers,existing irrigation system renovation and an organized fertilizer/aeration program.

He has complained to me in a closed door meeting (Early July) that I am wasting water in one of my parks.Using a ..... he he..... single month (May) baseline to make his case.

He had all the data from my timer in front of him.But he fails to notice that I was actually under watering a little bit.Over 50% of the zones were getting no more than 30 minutes of water per night.

Nevertheless.I refrained from increasing the water run time when it got hotter.Soon afterwards my Supervisor wondered why I have areas of drying grass.I told him that the Manager was complaining to me about my water use levels.The supervisor rolled his eyes and told me the priority it to keep the grass green.

So I went back to MY way of watering the grass.It is now nice and green.

I have not heard from my Manager since.

He pushes this water use efficiency plan,as part of making himself look good.To pad his job history with something to brag about.Many in my work group believe that is what he is doing it for.

I know more about Parks Maintenance than this person does.But he is the Manager because he is able to convince people up the ladder that he has the ability to make things work better.

Instead the park system is slowly falling apart.Because he is incompetent in managing it.

Dead trees stays up much longer now.Increasing spread of insect vectors to other areas.All because of his stellar leadership.

Grass gets fertilized far less because of him.Resulting in greater weed infestation and less water use efficiency.The grass is now barely growing in many places.Less green and more quickly dries up.


He banned edge spraying in most places.Resulting in damage to tree trunks from mowers,now getting too close.Tall weeds in fence lines,with tree suckers too.Damaging fences and being unsightly too.

Because of this stupid spray ban.The parks are looking more untidy and getting damaged in the process.I was the one who suggested this 20 years ago.To use the chemical spraying as a way to protect trees,fences and more.

He is also biased against me.Who has by far the best set of irrigated parks than the other two guys does.My Supervisor knows it because he never complains to me about having widespread dry areas.Like the other two guys have.The supervisor from time to time in the crew meetings tells those two to get their asses in their parks and fix them up.

But the Manager being a clueless moron thinks they are doing fine.Just about everybody else thinks the opposite.

The entire parks crew knows it too and many have told me they see the difference.But the manager being the moron thinks I am the problem guy.

Morale in the Parks group is low.

The funny thing is this:

I have about 135 acres of Irrigation in 18 parks to care for.While the Other two have 95 and 98 acres to care for.

Not only that.I have most of the old parks.Some dating back to the 1950's and many from the 1960's.This means more of the underground pipes are steel and more tree roots to fight through.

Eventually the Manager will get canned.

Lots of politicians and star athletes, star performers seemed to be excessively convinced of their self worth. Of course, there is the obvious candidate, Boy POTUS.
Oh lord, apply it to many petty tyrants in the military.