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Full Version: Hosni Mubarak 'was offered asylum in Israel'
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Quote:By Mark Weiss in Jerusalem

1:12PM BST 03 Aug 2011

Benjamin Ben-Eliezer, a Labour party member of parliament, told Army Radio that he and Mr Netanyahu, the prime minister, said Mr Mubarak could stay in the Israeli Red Sea resort of Eilat.

"I met Mubarak in Sharm el-Sheikh and I told him that it was a short distance and that it might be a good chance to heal himself," Mr Ben-Eliezer said. "I am convinced that the Israel government would have accepted him but he declined the offer because he was a patriot."

Mr Ben-Eliezer, a veteran politician who has held a number of ministerial positions in various Israeli governments, was considered to be the Israeli politician with the closest links to the former Egyptian president, building up a close personal friendship over the years. The two met on dozens of occasions and Mr Ben Eliezer would often accompany Israeli prime ministers on trips to Egypt.

Mr Netanyahu prevented ministers from commenting in public on the crisis in Egypt when protests erupted earlier this year. He expressed concern at the time that a regime change could endanger the 3-decades old peace treaty between the 2 two countries and threaten regional stability.

President Mubarak frequently acted as a peace mediator between Israel and the Palestinians.


Unfortunately, Obama and his band of idiots threw him under the bus.
I saw him in the cage, strapped on to a gurney, and I actually felt compassion for him. For the new power brokers to go about the charade of this trial, takes things to a new low IMO.

Obviously he is going to be found guilty regardless what he may have ordered. At his age and health, I find it hard to believe he ordered the murder of all those protesters. But what do I know.

One thing I do know, if this continues, the Brotherhood is making one terrible PR move outside Islamo-Heaven.

Wait until they officially take control and are unable to meet the demands for low cost food, when it is unable to provide it. I'll bet you there will be riots in Egypt, and the very things they accuse Mubarak of doing they will do in Spades.