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Full Version: Amish attack Oslo
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(or can this be work of rogue vikings?)
(07-22-2011, 12:40 PM)mv Wrote: [ -> ](or can this be work of rogue vikings?)

Certainly not from the Religion of Peace. S13

deutsche welle implied it was al queda. bbc puzzled over gaddafi or the taliban. it'll stick to the muslimists even if the wrongdoer(s) turn(s) out to be unrelated to islam eventually. the bomb(s) went up at a time when there were few people around, that's not typical for muslimist. at the time almost empty government buildings were the target. i think it was an anti-whaling terrorist cell.
Second attack:

Quote:Breaking News

Reuters reports several people have been killed in the shooting at a Labour Party youth camp on the island of Utoya.

Progressives are like this S6
Is Norway in the Libya murder campaign? You have to consider them as a suspect if so.
Yes, and BBC (I'm watching now) mentioned Libya along with Taliban and AQ.

The guy arrested at the shooting site was said to have light hair, so it could be domestic Amish too....
Or domestic Eskimoes who are peroxide blonds.
Or some asshole convert. Norway is a weak, feminized place and a more masculine religion probably finds more willing adherents.

I am laughing pretty hard at this - many Scandinavian countries funded or supported through material means the Communist Liberation mov'ts in Africa that brought down Rhodesia and gave 30yrs of constant low lever warfare to South Africa. Now they are getting their diversity and shit back in spades.

Whatever, I hope they continue to absorb more immigrants, suffer more rape, and watch things go to shreds.
It might be one guy who did both... this would be quite an impressive performance.

Quote:I am laughing pretty hard at this - many Scandinavian countries funded or supported through material

But Norway is the most deserving of them all.
The country of quislings... Nobel prices for Yasser Arafat, Barack Osama, Nelson Mandela, algore and Heinrich consistent support for Pal terrorists....serves them right S2
Europe deserves what's coming to it. The problem, is that we deserve it more. They don't even hate the Europeans. They think that Europe is rightfully theirs, they are just doing their obligation to get the territory Back. We, however, are the Great Satan. Imagine what they have planned for us once they are done spit roasting the euroweenies...

We need to push this whole nest into China and Russia's backyard. They alone have what it takes to combat these freaks effectively. They don't feel bad when they level a block full of terrorist shit bags and their sympathizers.

Jesus, these assholes don't even have nukes yet. Imagine how we all will feel on that day.

It's coming. I promise. Maybe not here in the US, but they will use a nuke in our lifetime.

Hnestly, I don't even fear that part. What keeps me awake is that even afterwards, when mankind loses a large chunk of a modern city, nothing will change. We will look up, look alert, frisk some old handicapped women at the gates, and then resume our scheduled cultural suicide.
Or the economic shockwaves will bring us down.
They Wouldn't risk losing their pipeline yet. We send them billions to fund the destruction of Europe. After that, we will fund them while they plan for our funeral. Once they are ready, they will pull the plug.
The suspect is said to be 32-year old Norwegian. Unless his first name is Mohammad this ought to be Viking Liberation Front. S6
If so, are they taking new members? I'd join tonight if I could!
Been looking into a lot of that and much of it really smells funny, like literally something stinks. There is something else at play, this looks too ridiculously trumped up.
yes, norway was safer in the past. what is hitler's army marching trough against a carbomb, and that's all islam's fault.
(07-22-2011, 09:47 PM)Gunnen4u Wrote: [ -> ]a lot of that and much of it really smells funny

If he is the perp, then 32 years old, single and crazy... perhaps a gay. S6

I don't even get why a non jihadi would do the camp murders. The bombing of the PM office I can get. The 2 attacks together( if that's the case) don't make good logic. One seems like a logical attack on a perceived enemy, the camp teens is so different it makes me suspect this guy isn't involved with both.
Or something else is at work. Any major legislation or any sort of new initiatives that might have trouble flying in Norway?
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