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Full Version: China blocks U.N. report on N.Korea-Iran ties
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This is going to be a big international scandal.
By Louis Charbonneau – Tue May 17, 1:52 pm ET
UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) Wrote:
– China on Tuesday blocked the publication of a U.N. expert panel's report that suggests North Korea and Iran have been sharing ballistic missile technology in violation of U.N. sanctions, diplomats said.

The confidential report, which was obtained by Reuters, also said the illicit technology transfers had "trans-shipment through a neighboring third country." That neighboring country was China, several diplomats told Reuters on condition of anonymity.
Ain't the UN just Great?!
Fredle..., do you think the Reuters scoop surprised anyone?
I'm surprised that we have proof of chinese invlolvment.
China blocking of the report is further proof of it.
Now China is in a bad position to tell us what to do in Lybia and so on.
Almost the first economy in world and they play with NK and Iran. That's a shame. Their credibility is taking a hit.