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No, A President swears to uphold the Constitution and the Laws of the country when sworn in. The executive executes the Laws as written. Executive Orders are just instructions to Executive personnel, and only become set policy when Congress does not quash it within several months of it being written. The Legislators have the power to veto any Executive Order.
Oh Boy, here we go again. McDoofus to the rescue. This just serves to highlight the big divide in the GOP. And guess who is in charge?
Let me continue with this 'little' issue within the GOP currently running through the ranks of the party. I'm talking about the Muslim Brotherhood issue and Michele Bachmann, who is suddenly the target of the mainstream Republicans. And it is beginning to go viral, which is exactly what the Jackasses, along with their allies in the Whore Media are looking for: Republicans line up to rip Michele Bachmann.

Personally, I smell a rat in all of this. And that 'rat' is the ongoing fight between the GOP establishment and the rising Tea Party/Libertarian movement within it. Matt Kibbe, president of FreedomWorks, has just published a new book entitled "Hostile Takeover" in which he advocates taking government, including the GOP, away from the DC elites and old party bulls. And my guess is that all of the Republicans, along with Bachmann, who signed the letter, are also Tea Party members.

After all, Hillary is certainly quite close to the Brotherhood, isn't she?

Here is my question: if a Democrat, or several of them, wrote such a letter, would their party publically chastise them over it? And as we all know, Democrats do this all the time. And suppose the letter really is on to something here. If the Beast's assistant really is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, shouldn't we all know about it, in light of the Brotherhood's sudden acceptance by Obama?

Perhaps Bill can give us the GOP 'establishment' point of view on all this.
Why should I? I am not a GOP spokesman. Like I've continually said - I use logic and issues to determine my choices. Right now - that means to create a GOP majority in the Senate and put people in place that I have a chance of influencing.

And to answer you, John, Dems will not slice and dice their own party, because their strategy is to divide and conquer their opponents, not themselves. They use the "wink and nod." They will say whatever they need to do to sound good, but they all know not to take anything they say seriously. The other side talks issues, so are easily misquoted and played against one another.

Bachmann is on the intelligence committee, so she knows things she cannot say - so when she hints at something, it might be smart to give her the benefit of a doubt. She is willing to say and do things that put her into the lion's den for her idealism. Too many people apply the Joe McCarthy "Commie-bashing" investigation as a template of scandal. We now know that he was correct, and the people in government he had fingered were, in fact, KGB agents emplaced to hurt our country. The bleeding hearts ought to get their history straight before they throw it in the face of others. Bachmann does make waves - and there is always a power-struggle amongst the politicians and their staffs. Many are targets of the Tea Party, even within their own party, so target Bachmann, in return.
Indeed. So when are you going to take McDoofus and the DC GOP elites to task? When you start doing such, perhaps then I won't consider you a 'sell-out'. Until then,..............................
Here is Beck showing ABC and Brian Ross, to be the utter partisan Leftist asses they are. You just gotta' love Beck for stuff such as this. I used to think Beck was really strange, but lately have had my eyes opened wide.

He's doing the Lord's work IMO. They just get carried away with the Animal House stuff sometimes, that's all.

Brian Ross, "Chief Investigative Correspondent"

ABC’s Brian Ross “Possibly” Murdering Pedophile

National Sex Offender Registry
(07-20-2012, 05:30 PM)John L Wrote: [ -> ]Indeed. So when are you going to take McDoofus and the DC GOP elites to task? When you start doing such, perhaps then I won't consider you a 'sell-out'. Until then,..............................

When have I NOT taken McCain and elites to task? I always have. What I do that you seem to think is beneath you, is to know that me, and others like me, can make inroads with these people and get them to see things my way. You seem to give up and think that you have no part to play.

I say your part is huge, yet you shy away from the workload.

What made Roberts write his stupid opinion? It wasn't me. Someone got to him and convinced him up was down. Why not think you also can perform the same feat on someone? Turn Boehner if you want an assignment. I can't do it alone - but I'll keep trying without you if I must. It makes the job harder - but I won't turn away from common sense.
Here's a great example of how DC elite Dumbasses are good at being DC elite Dumbasses. And here is the biggest tenured surviving DC elite Dumbass of them all: Dick Cheney: Picking Sarah Palin for VP Was a ‘Mistake’.

Does he even remotely believe that the REAL MISTAKE was McDoofus(who was the DC elite choice) being tapped to run against the Jackasses' Obama? Oh Nooooooooooooo, McCain was perfectly appropriate for these idiots. But let an outsider, Tea Party supporter, and FreedomWorks rep, such as Sarah Palin become part of a losing ticket, and suddenly its those far right extremists, who don't like playing ball with, and kowtowing to the DC establishment.

Kinda' makes me want to shed a tear for the lost opportunity to get another establishment Dumbass in the WH. I'm already tearing up.
Good for Palin. How can anyone say she can't speak on point and win her arguments decisively? I also liked her droll sarcasm and self-kidding "...just lived that luxurious…comfortable lifestyle in Alaska." She could have added, "Perhaps Cheney can see Russia from HIS kitchen window."

Between Cheney and Palin, I think Palin is more correct. Cheney was primarily speaking to his own legacy - and we see how that worked out for Carter.
I wonder if this guy has any chance of getting elected?

And if nothing else, we now have a new word that I really like: 'NegroHood'. I doubt if it will stick, but it certainly has a good deal of potential. S5
If ever there was a perfect example of how Dumbasses enable Jackasses, this one is going to be almost impossible to beat: A Note on Romney’s Arrogant and Stupid Remarks. This Idiot wins "Dumbass of the Year", or is it "Dumbass of the Decade"?

I have never thought much of this character. And criticism is one thing, but the real stupidity and arrogance is being practiced by the one looking in the mirror upon himself. Wow!

Just for the note: was Romney a bit much in his percentages? Sure, he was including anyone receiving monies from the Feds, and that includes Social Security. But in general, the statement was right on in accuracy.

I sincerely hope Kristol 'Critter' is not going to be looking for another job this November when/if Romney is elected. What a Dumbass! And you wonder why I refuse to align myself with these 'Big Government' geniuses Bill?

I wonder if Kristol bothered reading this: Maybe Romney answer was “inelegant” only because Mother Jones didn’t disclose that part of tape was missing.
This cartoon is a perfect example as to why Dumbasses are so good at enabling Jackasses. I'll bet you the cartoonist hasn't the slightest idea as to how self-explanatory the cartoon really happens to be in that regard.

[Image: aria_c10398420121006120100.jpg]
I wonder just how much of this accusation is true: Todd Akin’s campaign accuses Crossroads, NRSC of wanting Claire McCaskill to win Senate race. But one thing is very true indeed. Dumbasses are still geniuses at enabling Jackasses, and this one looks very suspicious, especially where the GOP's rendition of Porky Pig(Rove) is concerned.

Granted, he screwed up Big Time, and he refused to bow to the Dumbass leadership and do what Dumbasses do best: play the dead cockroach. But still, he was well within a good shot at the title, and perhaps still is.

So, is this just an 'embarrassment thing', or is he really not worth going for?
Here comes the Dumbass Tapdance:Boehner Extends Olive Branch on 'Fiscal Cliff'. What was that part of Ronmey's acceptance speech where he stated that he didn't want any 'partisan bickering'?

Let's hypothetically reverse things here for a minute. Suppose the roles were reversed, and the president and senate were controlled by the GOP. Does anyone, for one instant, actually believe the Jackasses in the house leadership would come out with an attempt to compromise, or at least offer it?

Obviously one of the main differences between Jackass-Full, and Jackass-Lite. If you had any thoughts of voting Jackass, which one would you rather hitch your wagon to?
You should have known it was coming. I told you the only answer was a win against Obama - and then the strengthening conservative trend could have accelerated. Now the street-smart say that Romney was too Right-wing.

You and I know that is BS - but that is the end-result of this election. Look forward to more Progressives on the Supreme Court, and more unConstitutional actions to come. They say the cause of the loss was a growing population of dimwits - and to win elections you have to play their game.

Time to fly the flag upside down. The ship of state is in distress.
Here's a classic example: SC: Colbert Busch Runs Stealth Campaign to Avoid Issues. Why should she tackle the issues and expose herself for what she is: a Jackass. After all, the other party is doing a great job of tripping all over itself.

All she has to do is just keep her mouth shut. Good policy on her part.
Here is just one more example of why Dumbasses are really no better than Jackasses, in spite of what some may say. No need to say any more either.
Looks like keeping one's mouth shut was not enough. The Philanderer is back in the saddle again. And his tactics of running against Miss Nancy seems to have turned the trick.
Here is a classic example of Big Government elitist Dumbasses, who not only love Big Government, but also enable Big Government Jackasses. And it is one of the many reasons why I absolutely don't give this doogus any credibility: How Does He Keep Getting A Platform? Bill Kristol’s History Of Terrible Predictions And Bad Advice.
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