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Full Version: Osprey Cleared for Production
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I saw one flying in Virginia Beach Tuesday and it's a sight to see in person. The rotors turn SO slowly you wouldn't believe it,they are SO huge in diameter you wouldn't believe it. Hope they are as revolutionary as the Marines think,they are a huge leap for the Marines.

Take twice the cargo twice as fast,that's a revolution I'd say. Couple the Osprey with the AAAV due out in a couple of years&the LCAC already in service and the Marines are set for the next 25 years it seems.

Harkening back to a tough confederate soldier,they will get there "firstest with the mostest".

September 29, 2005

Osprey cleared for
full production

Associated Press

The Defense Department is giving the go-ahead to begin full-scale production of the V-22 Osprey, a hybrid helicopter-airplane that the Marine Corps considers vital to the future of its air fleet.

The Osprey program has been threatened since 23 Marines died in a pair of crashes during testing in 2000.

The go-ahead to start full-scale production was approved Wednesday by the Defense Acquisition Board.

Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, where part of the aircraft’s construction is done, said before the official announcement that he anticipated the step.

“Full-rate production clears the way for a more efficient and lower-cost delivery of this next-generation military aircraft and would be great news for our national security, our troops and the employees at Bell Helicopter,” he said.

A joint venture of Boeing Co. and Textron Inc.’s Bell Helicopter unit builds the aircraft in Texas and Pennsylvania.

According to Bell, current plans include delivery of 360 aircraft to the Marines, 50 to the U.S. Air Force and 48 to the Navy. The total program is worth in excess of $19 billion (euro15.8 billion) to Bell and Textron through 2018.

“With this decision, tilt-rotor technology has come to life in a big way,” said Michael A. Redenbaugh, chief executive officer of Bell Helicopter.

A December 2000 Osprey crash in North Carolina, which killed four Marines, was caused by a titanium hydraulic line that ruptured.

A crash earlier that year in Arizona killed 19 Marines and was blamed by investigators on pilot error.

The Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft can land and take off like a helicopter and fly like an airplane. Commanders say the Osprey can haul more troops and equipment farther than existing helicopters. It was designed to replace the aging helicopters in the Marine Corps fleet.

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I live only a few miles from the production facility and the original test-flying airport. In the late 1990s, I'd see them flying several times a week, sometimes over my house. I even got to see the wreckage of one that crashed locally (nobody was killed).

I'm glad they finally have the Osprey in a usable condition. It is a very impressive aircraft. I haven't seen one for years now, I guess all the prototypes have been sent to marine bases for field testing.

Is this it?
That's her,it's a sight to see in person flying,the props are SO huge and they look like windmills turning from a distance. Like I say,the USMC has been avid for her for sometime to replace I guess the Sea Knight as the primary ship to shore plane. Twice as many twice as fast.
I don't see the advantage of having a fixed-wing tilt-rotor aircraft replace a helicopter. But I'm just a dumb Infantryman S2

Twice as many,twice as fast,twice as far,that's the improvement.

Then again,traditional Marine as opposed to Army doctrine is why you don't find this thing fancy.

They, by doctrine, do not fight as a division like they are doing in Iraq,these things are to bring an MEU(battalion?) from ship to shore,knock the snot out of whomever and BACK in a hurry.

This thing,the LCAC and the improved AAV are all huge leaps in ability for them(speed and firepower),whereas you guys would have no need of either one.

I know there's always the professional hostility between the 2 services and some ridiculous egos involved,but in the role we've given ourselves as a nation,I am thankful we have both.

Here's a photo that is weird,like I thought they looked in Virginia Beach

Check out the latest on the Osprey.

Quote:Osprey exceeds expectations of critics


Once derided as a white elephant, the U.S. Marine Corps' tilt-rotor aircraft, the V-22 Osprey, is proving its mettle in Iraq, military officials said.

The Osprey, which takes off and lands like a helicopter but flies like a plane, was designed to replace the Corps' aging and less-capable helicopter fleet.

But a series of accidents involving the planes left 30 people dead from 1991 to 2000, and critics said the Osprey never would be able to replace the Vietnam-era CH-46 Sea Knight, which was the Corps' airlift workhorse.

The military, which has ordered 360 of the aircraft, said the 10 deployed to Iraq are doing what they are supposed to do -- carrying troops faster, farther and safer than the copters can.

Last September, Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 263 left for Iraq's western Anbar province on the first deployment of the V-22.

Since then, the planes have logged more than 2,000 flight hours, initially doing routine cargo and troop movements from base to base in an area about the size of South Carolina.

In December, commanders gave the planes a more risky mission called "aero-scout" in which a group of V-22s flies into a relatively unsecured location and drops off Marines for a search mission.

The planes sit on the ground until the Marines load up and then fly off to somewhere else for another mission.

The Osprey's speed has been a lifesaver, too, squadron officials said.

For instance, they said two V-22s were dispatched to fly a more than 130-mile round trip in the remote western desert to pick up a wounded Marine and get him to a hospital. The planes were able to do so in an hour, something no helicopter in the Marine inventory could do, squadron officials said.

Commanders in Iraq have allowed little media coverage of the V-22s since their arrival, wanting to get crews used to their mission and to keep insurgents from targeting the planes for propaganda purposes. The planes have not come under direct fire, officials said.

Critics said the plane is lightly defended, with only one rear-mounted gun.

But Marines said the Osprey has enough power and speed to get out of a hostile zone faster than any helicopter, and the aircraft can fly higher, allowing it to be out of range of shoulder-fired missiles.

The Osprey seems to have become a favorite of commanders who need to get to places quickly, including Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. military commander in Iraq. Petraeus used one to fly around the country on Christmas Day to visit troops.


"The rate of climb is exceptional, and it can fly about twice as fast as a Black Hawk [helicopter], without needing to refuel as frequently," Boylan said. "Beyond that, its automatic-hover capability for use in landing in very dusty conditions, even at night, is tremendous."

Petraeus chose the Osprey for that mission because it was the only aircraft in the inventory that could fly around the country without refueling and not rely on runways, Boylan said.


It is still a work in progress, but as the story indicates, the plane has great potential. It is that potential that drives the Marines' continued investment of time and money. They do need to add weapons to the aircraft. One rear mounted gun suggest that weapons for it were an afterthought. It could be that all of the development problems let the weapons system slip through the cracks. I think the Osprey has even more potential in places like Afghanistan. My speculation is that the other services will be looking for their own version of the aircraft in the near future.
Yankee ingenuity. I wonder if it will get more armaments in later versions.
jt Wrote:Yankee ingenuity. I wonder if it will get more armaments in later versions.

I think you can count on it. I would not be surprised if it did not have front lower turret mounted 20 or 30mm cannon too.

this type of aviation is going to be a BIG Winner, not only in military use, but also civilian aviation as well.
I think such a lower front turret might be useful for clearing a landing zone, or other tasks. It is starting to look like a very useful piece, especially for places like Iraq and Afghanistan.
One or two "Puffs, the Magic Dragon" should be cobbled together - just so those who think they can shoot at our planes and get off Scott-free will think twice. We don't need every plane to be a Hellblazer - but we do need enough to get the point across.
WmLambert Wrote:One or two "Puffs, the Magic Dragon" should be cobbled together - just so those who think they can shoot at our planes and get off Scott-free will think twice. We don't need every plane to be a Hellblazer - but we do need enough to get the point across.

The thought of having a Spectre available to offer support is great. However the C130 is far too costly to provide support to troop movement. Also, using an escort, such as an Apache would not be practical, because the Osprey is capable of traveling much faster and the Apache would not be able to keep up with it.

Thus, the need for it's own fire support. An automatic firing turret, such as the M230, that fires either large calibre depleated uranium round, or perhaps a 40mm automatic grenade launcher, would be a G-dsend to troop support, and self defense. I think it is only a matte of time before something akin to this is integrated into the package, along with side mounted gattling guns.

[Image: apm230bg.jpg]

[Image: HH-3-minigun-vietnam-19681710.gif]

M134 Gatling Gun vs. M240. Oh My!! 3600 rounds per minute is a great equalizer.
This thing is a replacement for a helicopter,the firepower is the Marines onboard. I still say the first one down with 20 dead Marines ,we'll have to weather the storm then see if it can be permanent.
Palladin Wrote:This thing is a replacement for a helicopter,the firepower is the Marines onboard. I still say the first one down with 20 dead Marines ,we'll have to weather the storm then see if it can be permanent.

Haven't we lost some CH147s with over 20 on board already? Have there been calls to ground the ShitHook yet?

I still say that this airframe is the airframe of the future.
Full bore production contract and John,those Gatling Guns are awesome to watch get fired,I'd say one of those with a small aperture would discourage a lot: