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Oh man, here comes another round of DOING NOTHING.

200 something shells so far from North Korea, and there is South Korean counter-battery fire, the latter being neato as it tracks incoming shell trajectory and then plugs in location for the defending artillery to lay down fire on the offensive artillery.

I hope this gets messy really. They know the US is in no position to really intervene (especially with our current president - but hey, if he was smart, he could use this to get elected again), so it's do all they want. And we've let it happen because we've lacked the balls for years to do it.

ROK troops are some of the meanest bastards around and suffer some of the toughest training and discipline out there. And every male in Korea had to be one by law (there is no opting out in Korea). NK has more folks though. I hope South Korea does something drastic this time.
A friend of mine who served on the DMZ for a year said that your life expectancy is figured to be a matter of minutes when the war resumes. Didn't treat it as an "if", but "when" the war let back up.

Pull Patreus out of Afghanistan, put a big ass American flag behind him, and make him utter the Patton speech, verbatim.

Our enemy knows we lack the balls to carry this through. I highly doubt China is ready for this, they will side on calming NK down.

[Image: general_patton.jpg]

MacArthur dealt with a pansy progressive President and he turned the war around. It cost him the Phillipines and all of the Pacific Ocean before he took it back, but a win is a win.

[Image: _General_MacArthur_images_INCHON_INVASIO...Inchon.jpg]

My opinion is that we do not lose a SINGLE US soldier until we decide to march into NK and kill every man woman and child even remotely related to Il Jong. We are either innit to winnit or we sit this one out.
My guess is that this is a test of will, not with ROK, but with the Boy Wonder. They know he is a metrosexual, and will attempt to use force to prove it. If they really do attack ROK, my guess is that it will be one bloody mess, for both sides. But ROK will finally be able to knock out Kim Jung Mentally Ill.

Fortunately, my former unit, 1/72nd, is no longer along the front line, but they will be forced into the fight if NKs do invade.

I still think this is just a test of wills, and it won't progress into a full scale invasion. In other words, chest beating time for NK, and 'whatever' for the Obamanation.
BBC Lists some of the possible reasons for this incident.

One of the reasons listed made me realize the dire situation the North Korea is in. Looks like they depend on food aid from South Korea to feed their people. When the food packages slow down coming in they try to bite the hand that feeds them.

Quote:The South Korean president's stance on economic aid has led to a marked deterioration in relations between the two sides.

Since Lee Myung-bak took office in 2008, the flow of aid has fallen to a trickle. He says that the provision of aid must be linked to progress on denuclearisation.

North Korea relies on aid to feed its people and under Mr Lee's predecessor, Roh Moo-hyun, received regular cross-border shipments - so the move has hit hard.

North Korea has also been hit by flooding in recent years, damaging harvests, and both United Nations and US sanctions continue to bite, leaving its economy in chaos.

The rest of the reason for the latest turmoil is listed at:
It's also a way of extorting concessions/aid/money/food, from the West. They do something crazy, threaten to blow up the world, and the West talks with them, eventually giving them what they demand.

It's how Collectivist tyrannies work. They really can't do it on their own, so they have to bully others. I wonder how long ROK will put up with it all, before taking action of its own?
Yes, strip search of the <s>motherfiddling</s> presidential boy is a part of it. (Why bother? we all know that no balls will be found.). Some more on the boyish connection here:

I think the biggest part is a preventive defense following their latest nuclear announcements, they want the world to swallow them....and the world will. S4

More free Stratfor:
Should we finally go about arming ROK with nukes, and encouraging Japan do same here, in order to get PRC off their hands? Krauthammer thinks so. I know the Chinese would suddenly sit up straight over that suggestion. Wink1
You got this backward, I'm afraid.

Per Debka, it is Japan that wanted to do something and we stopped them.
mv Wrote:You got this backward, I'm afraid.

Are you sure? I just asked if we should encourage them.

Oh, did we just tell them no?
If the ROK Army were to enter NK,they'd about have to get it done alone. Maybe they can,but,it seems obvious to me we're at the end of our logistical rope with troop deployments.

I can't see a war there. The NK's have all those arty tubes pointed at Seoul and it would be near incinerated.

This will not result in the ROK crossing the LOD,IMO.
Not at the moment. If I were SK, I would shell them more though. No matter what, Seoul is going to burn anyhow it seems, especially if they get desperate and demand more economic aid for waving guns around. Or just keep tightening the aid flow. It'll starve them out or provoke an end to this stupidity.

Everyone might think NK is so intimidating, but they aren't. The ROK Army is a tough, brutal lot with some of the finest training and equipment. Not to mention they aren't in fear of starving to death all the time.
Looks like ROK is asking for nukes: South Korea considers asking for U.S. nukes
some day the south koreans will understand that they have more in common with their brothers in north korea, than with america that uses them as a pawn in their global power gambling. no wonder the leaders of russia, china, and europe appeal for prudence, and accuse obama of warmongering.
South Korea wants repatriation of North Korea very badly. They just don't want to do it under Il Jongs thumb.
We're in a very worrisome few days IMO. I fear the Chinese are considering sinking the USS Washington.

IF they succeeded,our response would be about nothing because we could never prove it was them or the NORKS.

For those who love our nation and our sailors and are praying people,do so.

This sounds hysterical I am sure,but,you have to realize the era of US dominance is closing out relative to China and they are not necessarily going to remain prudent.

Personally,I think our surface vessels are vulnerable as hell,I do not believe we're a step ahead of any major power technically.

At the very least,I expect another Chinese sub to pop up near the Washington and then leave the area w/o our having a clue it was there until it surfaced.

I doubt they will, and if they did sink it, it'd be war with China and North Korea. You don't sink a United States Navy Nuclear Aircraft Carrier and get away with it, no matter how much your Dear Leader sucks and populace are worthless.

I frankly dare them to touch a Navy ship.

I don't think we have anywhere near the ability to invade China successfully even if we had not worn out our VOLAR already fighting terrorists.

This would be extremely imprudent of the Chinese and unlike them,but,so was their invasion of North Korea and they kicked our out of there fast.

I ain't predicting it,but,I am not going to be stunned if they act aggressively where this battle group is going either. Maybe they'll send out a carrier battle group of their own and draw a line in the sea so to speak. Maybe they'll just do nothing.
Irrelevant. We'd still stomp them and invasion doesn't have to be a prerequisite to victory.

It'll certainly have a ton of economic fallout though.
I guess I am not as sanguine the USA would come out better than China in a confrontation,even an economic one.

I hope we don't need to find out.
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