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Full Version: Anti-heroine coalition
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Good news.
Quote:More than a tonne of heroin and opium was seized during the raids, which took place on Thursday close to the border with Pakistan, Viktor Ivanov announced.

Mr Ivanov said the haul had a street value of $250m (£157m) and was believed to have been destined for Central Asia.
Now I wonder how much Russia will involve in Afghanistan campaign?
And at what price?
Russia has no more chance of stopping drug addiction by attacking production and sales than anyone else does.

My guess is half of the numbers of "confiscated drugs" are made up,1/4 are true and sold to preferred drug dealers by the various states(including ours) and 1/4 are real busts by honest folks.

Anyone who can think ought to know IF they had great success,it would serve to dramatically increase the cost of the various dope,which in turn serves the cause of producing and dealing more and more of it.

It also causes the consumer to act desperately to acquire what they're addicted to,that's why I am seeing females rob our stores with loaded guns down here now days.

Thanks for prohibition,it really works.
Karzai, What a goof.
Had the american told him, the heroine trafficker cache would have been evacuated within minutes.
It's amazing that Afgahn counter-narcotic forces took part in the raid and the central governement still complains and say it's a violation of soveignty.
What sovereignty to start with?
Obviously Afghanistan's government isn't sovereign. Otherwise Karzai would just tell us to leave.
Of course, the US-backed, democratically elected and drug barons - supported stooge Karzai would be afraid of any shatter to his base.

Quote:Heroin is much less bulky than opium, and easier to smuggle. Ten tons of opium (worth about $45 a pound, or $99 a kilogram) can be refined into 1.3 tons of heroin (worth about $1,600 a pound or $3,500 a kilogram). This conversion requires 2.6 tons of acetic anhydride, an industrial chemical. This is a clear liquid that is flammable and poisonous if you inhale it. There is no legal use for acetic anhydride inside Afghanistan. With bribes and transportation costs, the drug gangs pay about $2,000 per ton to get it to Pakistan. Then it has to be smuggled into Afghanistan, by truck. There are a limited number of roads, with the border manned by guards who are accustomed to being bribed. There are several other chemicals needed to refine the opium (to morphine, then to heroin), but acetic anhydride is the hardest to get, and the one needed in the largest quantities. Smaller quantities of hydrochloric acid are also needed, but this is a more common industrial chemical.

Pakistan drove the heroin trade out in the 1990s, in part, by interfering with the supply of acetic anhydride. While there was a market for opium, it was mainly local, and the large amount of opium available drove the price down. The real money was in heroin, where smaller, more valuable amounts, were easier to move out of the country to more lucrative foreign markets.

I wounder what is the size of the market of acetic anhydride there?