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Socialism Down Under
Get ready New Zealand, you are about to get what you wanted, and you're going to get it Good and Hard.

Ardern slams capitalism's blatant failure

Jacinda Ardern, former Young Labour president and political advisor, has been elected president of the International Union of Socialist Youth – a group encompassing socialist, social democratic and Labour Party youth organisations from more than 100 countries.
All men are frauds. The only difference between them is that some admit it. I myself deny it.
H. L. Mencken
I guess that means Hollywood will shoot even more projects over there.
It's not the failure of capitalism since capitalism is not supposed to help homeless and poor poeple.

It's the failure of their social security system.
They have to improve it.
There is no Capitalism in the United States. It is only Free Enterprise. Capitalism is some hack idea that Marx and Engels wrote about. it was easily picked up by the old KGB as a pejorative to attack the Free Market.
I agree. the word "capitalism" with the suffix "ism" suggest a political drive. Free Enterprise is more exact a definition and it's not a political decision. It's the natural state of affairs.
Its interesting just watching Socialism doing its best to create anarchy and tear down existing systems.  And Jacinda Ardern is once more going out of her way to turn New Zealand on its head, by importing as many Islamic refugees as possible.  Anyone with the slightest bit of common sense would think twice and then turn away.  S18

Of the 150 men how many of them are pedophiles?

Quote:News reports revealed before her visit that the reason why these dregs of society didn’t feel safe on the island was because they had turned the islanders against them with their criminal behaviour. The men are known for having sex with underage girls, ten of who they have made pregnant so far. Manus, in other words, is currently a haven for a group of paedophiles. We can only wonder how many of these 150 dregs of humanity that Ardern has been working so hard to bring to our slice of paradise are paedophiles.

Quote:A group of Manus Island asylum seekers are luring underage girls as young as 10 into sex, an Australian Government intelligence report claims.

The Australian Government has confirmed the accuracy of the diplomatic cable, obtained by The Australian Financial Review and Stuff.

However, the timing of the leak, and several others in Australian publications, suggests rising levels of frustration within the Australian Government that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was putting undue pressure on a domestic Australian policy issue.

It is hardly a leak since there have been news stories on the paedophiles on Manus previous to Ardern’s visit. She must be willfully blind to not be aware of them.

Quote:It’s prompted questions on this side of the Tasman, over whether there were concerted efforts from Australia’s Malcolm Turnbull-led Government to force Ardern to back down on a strong stance that Australia should accept an invitation to resettle 150 people seeking asylum in New Zealand.

And what do they all have in common?  If you say "Islam", YOU WIN!!  S22

But it appears that Ardern's political honeymoon may may be coming to an end, and not a day too soon for New Zealanders.
All men are frauds. The only difference between them is that some admit it. I myself deny it.
H. L. Mencken

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