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Arctic Sea Ice Extent Up 25% Since 2012
Real Climate Science

August 31,2017

Tony Heller


Arctic sea ice extent is up 25% over the past five years. Green shows ice gain since August 30, 2012.

[Image: Image709_shadow.png]

Extent is fourth highest in a decade.

[Image: MasieDay241ArcticSeaIceExtent_shadow-1024x602.png]

Warmists keep saying it is in deep decline,all year they predicted a new record low,or even melt out altogether. They also say the ice pack is still declining over all,but they are wrong since the Ice cover area has stabilized since 2007 to a flat trend,it is NOT declining anymore.

Here is a chart you can come back to,from time to time as it updates automatically,that show the TEN year average with its minimum/Maximum range on the chart,indicating that this years approaching minimum is going to be slighly higher than last year:

U.S. National Ice Center,Naval Ice Center

[Image: sea_ice_only_small.jpg]

LINK to the website

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