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Wire Tapping Thread: Where'd it Go?
Something's happened to the thread that discusses the electronic surveillance issue.  Here's what I was going to post, for those who refuse to believe Trump was being spied on by MacDaddy's people.

Sean Spicer Spends 10 Minutes Reading Every Wiretap News Story That Ever Was Published. ABC Jonathan Karl Has His Blinder On.

Sean Spicer HEATED argument with ABC Jonathan Karl on Trump Wiretap Claim

And Judge Napolitano, who's word I will take over EVERYONE ELSE, has this to say about electronic surveillance.
Napolitano: Was candidate Trump spied on?

And the Judge has the best take on all this.  
Did the Obama administration use British intel to wiretap Trump?

As he states below, our NSA records ALL land and wireless conversations, which are saved in digital.  Thus it is easy to find anything that someone like Trump stated.  

But get this: the US also shares ALL of this data with the Brits for them to use.  Now, in order for the government to have "Plausible Deniability,  they could go to their friendly Brits and get them to hand over these transcripts to them.  Then they can state under oath that they did not get this information from the NSA.  In fact, they got it from the Brits in a round-about manner.  

This is clearly Unconstitutional as the Judge says.  And all of this Post 9/11 loss of liberties should be done away with.  And it all began with Junior and that Gawd Awful Patriot Act.  Its Unconstitutional and should be thrown in the trash, because too many people are clearly abusing it.  And the citizenry is the injured party here.  That means you and me and everybody.

More concerning original wiretap lie:

Concerning the judge's claims:

In other words, delusional stupidity based on a blogger's commentary who worked for the CIA 30 years ago.

Great source.

Before the year is out, it will be of interest to me to see if any of you Trump people admit he's mentally unbalanced and wouldn't know the truth if Jesus stood in front of him and introduced Himself.

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