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Turkey's Move to Islamic Autocracy
The Kurds always seem to end up losing out historically, they just can't seem to be important enough in a strategic way to the major players long term.
Ahh, but they are rich Kurds. They are sitting on Huge oil reserves under them hills. Their only vulnerability is getting it to the ocean for transport. I'll bet you they are taking their newly found wealth and investing it on modern military equipment and training. If the Iraqis try to invade them, they will be in for a real surprise. Hell, they're Buggerin Arabs. Same thing with the Syrians.

Their biggest threat will be Turkey. But remember, around 20 million Turkish citizens living in Anatolia(Turkey east of the Phosphorus) are Kurds. Even though Turkey has a population of just under 80 million, over half of them live in western Turkey and Istanbul. So they are pretty much in parity with Anatolian Turks. The Kurds can cause a lot of trouble if Turkey goes to war with Kurdistan.

I would not be too optimistic about the Kurds.

I'm saying this despite actually being sympathetic to them and despite looking at their efforts: they do have a better fighting force than some around. As one example, comparing the operations to free Ramadi and Manbij, both against ISIS, the Kurds did the job much faster with considerably fewer losses than the Iraqi army.

But this will not help them.

Firstly, they are not rich. It is the Iraqi Kurds who are rich (potentially!) but the Iraqi Kurds are so close to the Turks now. Don't be too sure about them aligning with the Turkish or Syrian Kurds against the Turks. (briefly, Kurds are NOT one people).

Secondly, fighting requires supply lines. The reason why the US invasion of Vietnam fails was the Cambodian border (ho shi minh trail). Likewise with USSR and Afghanistan.
I do not see supply lines for the Kurds. They were not doing all that well against ISIS initially (no supplies except for antiques and whatever was inherited from SAA bases), much better when the Russians started dropping them supplies and ammo, but this will end.

And thirdly, Kurds are sometimes very stupid. Their primary enemy is really Turkey. Relations with the Iraqi will always be hostile because of the oil. But Kurdish sites are talking about fighting Iran now, and Syrian Kurds -- despite being overall Assad's allies -- still once in a while fight Assad. For insignificant local reasons. Picking up fights with the two powers least hostile to the Kurds is stupid.
Sodomia delenda est

It would be very stupid for either the West or Russia to stop supporting the Kurds because everybody is pissed about just any of other states surrounding the Kurdish areas.
Soon we are going to be pretty much pissed at Turkey, if not in open diplomatic conflict. The Kurds are the only ones who can be used as a leverage against either Turkey, Iran, Syria or Iraq.
If you get the Kurds in your pocket, then you can make four major M-E states dance to your tune.
And speaking of the Kurds in Turkey................

Erdogan Crackdown Has Turkey on Edge as Kurd Leaders Jailed

And since the Evil Joos seem to be out of the picture, Erdogan is pointing the finger of blame at the West. I guess the Armenians aren't worth the effort any longer. S13

Erdogan blasts West as Turkey's Kurdish party boycotts parliament

Erdogan knows that all the purds and all the pro-kurd organisations are together. A pro kurd party in Turkey is obviousely helping the PKK. About this, he's right.

Where he is wrong, it's about his method: arresting, araigning and jailing opponents instead of negociation.
Erdogan is creating his own opposition. And the kurds won't be the only ones to hate him.

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