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Japanese made passenger jet
The first passenger jet is now ready for testing.
There are already over 100 oders for it.

Japan did not made any passenger jet during the last 40 years.

It's not really such a large plane, about for 80 to 100 people.




I did not see yet pictures of the interior of the plane and of the cockpit.

No idea why, it seems not published yet.
Its a nice looking aircraft. Competition is good for everyone(well, almost) in the long run. S22

Is it my imagination, or are the wings hinged, so as to be capable of pivoting at the base?

Also, the cockpit windows are a bit strange. There are two windshield wipers set up for one of the windows, and nothing for the other forward windshield. That looks strange. I thought perhaps they had been moved out of the way, but the wiper bases are not located symmetrically. I wonder what gives there?
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It's a tough, competitive environment with Canadian Regional Air and Embraer right now dominating the "shuttle jet" business.

Embraer is tooling up to enter the big passenger jet business, so an opening might be there due to that strategic change in Brazil.

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