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China and Western Pre suppositions
I thought some of you guys might be interested in debating this issue. Heretofore, at least in the 20th century, US and I assume European thinking has been that with prosperity, comes a level of "reasonable" thinking.

Bush used to express his view of this, that it made more sense to "engage" China than isolate China and "engage" was really defined as "American businessmen become wealthier because of it and so will I and China".

That doesn't seem to have done anything to Islamic peoples and I am seeing from China the same thing I would have expected, as they become wealthier, they become more assertive of their prerogatives and that isn't the "reasonable" westerners expected.

Money didn't buy off China, it failed with Muslims.It seems instead to have enabled their worst instincts. Which makes perfect sense to me.
Well: No.

This new assrtiveness shich surprises everybody is a long story between China and japan, not very significant on the global chessboard and more importantly a pure political act by the PRC governement.

The last point is the most important. Chinese poeple can't care less about small islands, national water and air identification zone.
Chinese mean business and will never betray that. What their governement does is piece of a separate cake.

Muslim see the interrest of their tribe first. Business only far behind.
Even worse: National interrest for muslims is non-existent. So whatever governement they have will always defends a tribal interrest instead of business conditions.
I think wealth enables people myself, whatever your character. IF Germany had way more wealth in 1945, they'd have simply won the same war, they wouldn't have become nice. Lots of dead Germans caused that.

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