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New Education System
Before Betsy DeVos, all Home Schooling was discouraged by our schools. I knew most of it worked because I have grandkids schooled that way who were far ahead of their peers in Public schools. Doesn't work for some families who don't have anyone to really do the teaching. Many Asian families have Grandparents dedicated to teaching family members.

Now with thousands of home-bound graduating Seniors driving by the Krispy Kreme at Oakland Mall, to pick up a dozen free donuts if they show up with Cap and Gown and school IDs, the local news is talking about new ideas in education from home.
Who can resist a hot and gooey delicious donut? You are obviously right. The home schooled children far exceed public education. Why? Cause parents with a mother and a FATHER care. Dewey created a Marxist oriented school system. A system that leaves behind those that struggle and never propels those that exceed. By design a system that never identifies struggle or excellence. By design never on parallel with reality. People need incentive. An individual works and seeks reward if they earn profit for their extraordinary efforts.

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