Health Insurance Industry, Bucking For Civil Service Status?

By Kenneth Bean
VP Operations, Pediatric Prosthetics Incorporated

Nationalized health-care is one vote away from becoming a reality if some changes are not instituted very quickly. The most caring and responsible parents, health-care providers, and corporate officers across the country are going to be swept away on the tide of angry voters who do not want to hear excuses any longer. The founders of The United States came up with a novel idea; “let the people govern themselves”. A key part of that self-governance is the ability to self-insure ourselves against those calamities to which we are all vulnerable.

Many of the culprits are going to wake up one morning to say, “What happened?” All their lobbying and deal cutting will have made no difference. Their “campaign contributions” and other inducements to put a finger in the dike will not hold. The irony is that the very government officials who have “gotten along by going along” are the very people who will design and implement that nationalized health care system.